11705303_10152968083007196_6456906828920252929_nTuesday, July 7

I worked out at 9:30, as I coached every session but the session at that time. What an exhausting day! Coach Doza led the session, and I really enjoy his coaching and coaching style. He’s a great addition to the CrossFit Surmount Coaching Team.

30 Bodyweight Back Squats (Time)

My goal was to complete in 60 seconds or less. I set up my iPhone and timer in front of the rack, warmed up with just 5 reps @ 95#, and began.

I knew that I’d have to complete in unbroken reps without racking the bar or pausing to shake out my legs. I did neither. I completed 30 back squats @ 143# in exactly 55 seconds! Yay! That’s a PR!

Box Jumps (10 @ 75, 7 @ 85, 5 @ 95% of max height)

As in the past, I focused on fast and unbroken reps. I completed @ 30, 34, & 38″. I was surprised and delighted that the 5 reps at 38″, just 2″ shy of all time high box jump of 40″, felt so easy. I’m looking forward to establishing new max height box jump.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

9 rounds
Work 1 minute; rest 1 minute
Rotate through following 3 activities:
Front lunges (bar in front rack position)
Back lunges (bar behind neck)
OH lunges (front or back)
Rx = 50% of bodyweight

I put 73# on the barbell, and that was plenty heavy enough. This was a mere nine minutes of work. Not only that but this was nine minutes of work spread out of 17 minutes.

And this was one of the most difficult workouts that I’ve ever programmed. Seriously.

I cleaned the bar, obviously, for front rack position forward lunges, cleaned and jerked the bar for back rack and reverse lunges, and snatched the bar for overhead and, for me, forward lunges.

I completed 23, 26, and 15 lunges the first three rounds and set my goal to match those reps. I did not do so. Read on.

I completed 24 (1 more), 25, (1 less), and 14 (also 1 less) lunges the next three rounds. Okay, just 1 rep shy of goal.

I completed 23 and 26 lunges the rounds 7 and 8. I was once again achieving my goal. I then completed 6 reps with the bar overhead. I did complete a 7th rep — and then fell on my ass just after having stood up. Good thing I have a CrossFitter’s and not a runner’s ass or that would’ve hurt. I snatched the bar overhead, lunged forward, and then realized that I was unable to stand up.

I. Was unable. To stand Up.

I dropped the bar from overhead, glanced at the clock, and counted down the remaining 20 seconds. I can’t recall the last time I wasn’t able to complete a metcon. I also can’t recall my heart beating as quickly during a metcon. ‘Twas much fun!

Total reps = 182

Wednesday, July 8

I worked out with the 6 am crew and Coach Nick led the session.

IMG_8449Metcon (Time)

Windshield wipers (r/l = 1 rep)
Power cleans (75)

This was a challenging as I’d imagine it would be. And twice as much fun! That’s 105 reps of both activities.

I completed windshield wipers as prescribed, i.e., handing from barbell and bring legs (for me) from right to left to right for each rep. I completed round of 30 in reps of 20 & 10, rounds of 25 in reps of 15 & 10, round of 20 in reps of 10 & 10, round of 15 in reps of 10 & 5, and rounds of 10 and 5 in unbroken reps.

Power cleans at a mere 75# began to feel heavy by the round of 20. I completed as many as 20 (first round) and as few as 4 unbroken reps. Why 4? Because I avoided completing power cleans in rounds of 5 reps; thus, I was often left with 4 reps to complete round. I honestly thought for one brief moment that I wouldn’t be able to complete the final round of 5 reps in unbroken reps but I did.

Time = 12:21

That went much faster than expected, as I honestly thought it’d take at least 15 minutes. It’s been a long time since I’ve mentioned how abulous I am. I’ll do so now. I’m abulous. You’re welcome

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