Push, Pull, Push

It was nice to be back at CrossFit Surmount! Coach Nick led the 6 am session and, as always, ’twas fun!

Metcon (Weight)

Every 90 seconds for 10 rounds (15 minutes)
Push press + 2 presses
Begin @ 50 – 60 % of press 1RM. You must complete all 3 reps each round.

My goal was to complete last round @ 120#, the same weight as last week’s power jerk + push press + press. I achieved my goal, beginning at 85 and usually increased 5# a round.

A: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

6-min AMRAP
1 pull-up
1 pushup
1 pull-up
2 pushups
1 pull-up
3 pushups
1 pull-up
4 pushups

Rest Exactly 3 minutes


6-min AMRAP

1 pushup
1 pull-up
2 pull-ups
1 pushup
3 pull-ups
1 pushup
4 pull-ups

A different kind of ladder! I knew it was going to be challenging and I made it even more challenging by completing clapping pushups for both rounds. I knew it was unreasonable to set a goal to complete all rounds unbroken. I instead set a goal to complete same number of rounds & reps for both ladders.

As the Speal bars were claimed I set up my station beside Gina V., kittysitter extraordinaire! Half of a Speal bar became available halfway through the second round so I changed stations. I ♥ the Speal bar.

I completed 12 rounds + 8 reps first and 12 + 9 reps second round, respectively.  That’s 99 clapping pushups and 100 pull-ups for a total of 199 reps.

We’re puppysitting Stevie for a few days. She’s an absolute delight! I didn’t sleep well, however, as she was awake and playing from 2 to 3 am. She finally fell asleep in my arms with her snout in my face. And then she began snoring. Ha!


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