I did the math ahead of time.

I worked out during Open Gym. Stephen joined me, but I kinda sorta ignored him.

Metcon (Time)

A. Row for calories | bodyweight x .5IMG_6973B. Deadlifts | bodyweight x 100
C. Back squats | bodyweight x 50
D. Shoulder to overhead | bodyweight x 35
Wall ball shots | bodyweight x 10
F. Pushups*
– You are allowed 1 barbell.
– The barbell must begin from the floor (unless approved by coach).
– It is up to you to determine the weight of lifts.
– The weight of the lifts will determine the number of required reps.
– You may complete activities in any order.
– You need not complete any activity before completing reps of another activity or rowing.

* To determine reps for pushups
 75 – 150# | bodyweight x .75

This was tough, and a strict 45-minute time cap was enforced. I lifted 95 for S2O, 115 for BS, and 225 for DL. Wall ball was, of course, 20# and to a 10′ target. I had to complete 143 wall ball shots, 107 pushups, and row 72 calories.

I began with row, rowing 21 calories at the start of the workout. I rowed 4 more times, rowing 15, 16, 14, & 6 calories. I usually rowed a calorie per stroke. I enjoyed rowing the least of the activities, if for no other reason than rowing increased my heart rate.

I completed pushups throughout the workout and completed 10 reps a round until last round of 7. Pushups were the easiest part of the workout.

I also completed wall ball shots throughout the workout and completed 10 reps a round except for a round of 13. I’m also certain that I completed an extra 10 reps due to not recording a completed round.

I began with S2O and completed power jerks for all 53 reps. I completed 10, 7, 8, 7, 8, 7, & 6 reps.

I next completed 62 BS and did so in reps of 17, 17, 19, & 9. I did pause during rounds to shake out my legs.

I finished with 63 DL and did so in reps of 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 8, & 5.

I called time at 41:52. I was pleased with performance in regard to weights selected for lifts, pacing, and order of completion.

I was wide awake at 5:30 this morning. I took Luke for a long walk, cleaned up the house, went grocery shopping, and watched an episode of OITNB. I coached the 11 session immediately after working out, made lunch (BAS with grilled chicken), reviewed tomorrow’s WOD and prepared blog, and wrote this blog. It’s just now 2 pm and I have the rest of the day to find something to occupy my time. I sure do miss Jeff when he’s out of town…

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