Summer Scorcher

‘Twas an awesome day at CrossFit Surmount! The workout was short and sweet and this allowed for much time for skill building. The focus was on handstand pushups, and about a half dozen members got very first rep. Amazing! The day ended with an incredible yoga session with the lovely and very talented Heather. I’m feeling all strecthified. That’s a real word. Honest.

Oh, and I’m attempting to put a kibbutz on the drama. I. Hate. Drama.

I attended the 6am session, although I didn’t coach and/or work out. I then coached the 7 and 8:30 sessions, took Luke for a nice, long walk, and returned to the box to work out with the lunchtime crew.

And what a large crew it was! Thirteen in all, including yours truly. As there are 6 rowers and 13 athletes, well, you do that math. Yup, I completed the workout after others had finished and had already begun working on skills.

Metcon (Time)
Buy In with 30 calorie row
3 rounds
10 deadlifts (225)
10 handstand pushups

9-minute time cap

My goal was to complete row in under 90 seconds, and I did so, rowing 30 calories in 1:21. Not bad for a short guy. I completed all rounds of deadlifts by dropping bar from the top to conserve energy and save my shoulder. I did complete all rounds unbroken in that one rep was quickly completed after the other. I completed first round of HSPUs in unbroken, fast reps. Yay! For remaining two rounds I didn’t come off of the wall although I would occasionally rest on my head and shake out my arms and wrists. No failed reps. Yay!

Time = 5:28 


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