For Time:
Run 1 Mile with a 20# Medicine Ball
60 Burpee Pull-ups
Run 800m with a 20# Medicine Ball
30 Burpee Pull-ups
Run 400m with a 20# Medicine Ball
15 Burpee Pull-ups
In honor of U.S. Navy Petty Officer Second Class Taylor Gallant, 22, of Winchester, KY, died on January 26, 2012
To learn more about Gallant click here.

I worked out with the 6 am athletes, admirably led by Coach Nick. I was very much looking forward to this workout. The workout was, however, even more challenging than I imagined that it would be.

My goal was to run without stopping to rest and/or without putting down medicine ball and to complete all rounds of burpee pull-ups unbroken. I am pleased to say that I achieved both goals.

Laurie and Jaclyn also worked out at 6, and I’m very glad that they did as both are gifted runners and fierce competitors. The three of us led the charge and, although I took and maintained the lead, Laurie and Jaclyn were never too far behind.

Coach Nick often called out times. I completed the mile run in 7:56 and 400m run in about 4 minutes. I began 800m run at 15-minute mark; thus it took me about 7 minutes to completed 60 burpee pull-ups, averaging a rep every seven seconds. Spec. Tac. You. Lar.

I did occasionally torment Laurie (in particular) and Jaclyn, for example, letting them know when I had 10 reps remaining of round of 60. I recall Laurie saying, “I still have 16!” I also intentionally ran the first 800m at a slower pace and then picked up pace for remaining or mile. I like to get in my competitors’ heads. Yup, I did that.

The most memorable moment of the morning took place as I was approaching the 200m turnout of last run and Holly was approaching last 200m or 800m run. Whilst holding medicine ball on her shoulder with one arm she held up her hand, covered her eyes, and said, “I don’t want to see you right now. I’m so f@cking jealous.” Ha!

Time = 26:45

That’s 1.75 miles and 105 burpee pull-ups, folks.

Laurie, Luke, and I ran in Jaclyn during her last 400 meters. What a wonderful morning!

FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender-6

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