Monday evening I asked Jeff if he would be my partner for the next day’s workout. “I’ll have to rearrange my schedule, but we can work out together during lunchtime.” Yay!

Metcon (Time)

Partner Workout
1. Deadlifts | Hold barbell at full extension (135/103)
2. Power cleans | Hold barbell in front rack position (95/63)
3. Power snatch | Hold barbell overhead (75/53)
4. Burpees | Hold plank
5. Back squat (95/63) | Hold bottom of squat
– Partners take turns completing 10 reps of each activity 5 rounds (10 rounds total each activity)
– Partners must work AND rest together, i.e., if a partner is unable to hold or hang the working partner may not complete reps

So, what had happened was…

I coached the 6 am session and then coached endurance at 7 am. Only Tami, Marni, and Deborah attended the 8:30 session (which is often the case). As there were 3 coaches present but an odd number of athletes, I offered to complete the workout with Marni, albeit not at prescribed weights. I instead lifted women’s prescribed weights. Marni is fun to work out with, as she talks to herself. It often sounds something like this: “Come on Marni, five more reps. Start in three seconds. One, two three. You got this.” I once again reiterate that I am very supportive and encouraging when I partner with someone. Most importantly, I attempt to work at my partner’s pace, you know, since I don’t want to kill them. I did indeed let Marni establish the pace. She and I both completed all rounds of reps unbroken, i.e., in sets of 10. We did not, however, complete all rounds of activities unbroken, nor did anyone else. Holding the bar at full extension was taxing on the forearms. What surprised me was how easily I was able to hold the barbell overhead as Marni completed power snatches. Holding the barbell in the front rack position was slightly easier than holding the bar at full extension. The easiest hold was, of course, the plank, although holding the bottom of the squat also presented little challenge.

Marni and I completed the workout in 31:18. She said, “I probably completed that 10 minutes faster than I would have. You push me to work harder.”

Many of the 9:30 am athletes are on vacation this week. Alexus returned from her week and a half away from CrossFit Surmount and as she was the only attendee she was in need of a partner. I asked Deborah to lead Foundations as I didn’t think she’d want to do this workout two times back-to-back. I once again lifted the women’s prescribed weights. I once again completed all activities in sets of 10 reps. Alexus worked at a slower pace than did Marni, and this allowed more rest time — and time to dance — for me. Yup, dancing. Alexus and I completed the workout in 38:50.

Upon my arrival home I informed Jeff that I had already completed the workout twice. “I rearranged my schedule for you. Does this mean that you’re not going to be my partner?” Uhm, you’d think that he’d know me better than that.

I did lift prescribed weights. What surprised me most about completing this workout for the third time in about four hours was how strong I still felt. The only time I slightly faltered was during the second set of 10 power snatches in that I completed 7 unbroken reps and briefly rested before completing last 3. Dammit. I did, however, complete remaining rounds in unbroken reps. Yup, I grunted very, very loudly. I also tore skin on pinky and ring fingers of right hand. Dammit.

Jeff struggled with holding the barbell overhead. Surprisingly I did not. Huh? I as did with Marni and Alexus, I allowed Jeff to set the pace. As with Marni and Alexus, I could’ve (and dare I say would’ve) rested for shorter periods of time. As with Marni and Alexus, I didn’t push Jeff. I could tell that he was getting more and more tired as the workout progressed. When we were completing back squats he often needed to rest while completing 10 reps whereas I completed all 5 rounds in unbroken reps. Jeff and I completed the workout in 32:42.

I’m resting today. I earned it. One hundred fifty deadlifts, power cleans, power snatches, burpees, and back squats in addition to a lengthy amount of time spent holding a barbell at full extension, in the front rack position, and overhead in addition to a lengthy amount of time spent in a plank hold and bottom of squat leads to a somewhat tired Paul.

But I’m not the least bit sore.


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