CrossFit Total

IMG_9453Jeff and I worked out during Open Gym. ‘Twas fun!

The CrossFit Total
Back Squat (1 Rep Max)
Shoulder Press (1 Rep Max)
Deadlift (1 Rep Max)

I last completed the benchmark October 20 of last year with a total of 735#, having completed 255 back squat, 135 press, and 355 deadlift. I didn’t, however, look up this score until I was deadlifting.

I completed back squat @ 245 and entered score in Wodify. I thought, Go for 255. And that’s what I did. The rep @ 255 felt better than the rep @ 245. I nonetheless didn’t attempt anything heavier and began pressing. (I just now looked up BS PR. I had mistakenly thought it was 265, but it is 255; thus, I matched PR. Dammit. I could’ve gone heavier.)

I completed press @ 125 and once again entered score into Wodify. Yup, I once again thought, Got for it. And that’s what I did. I attempted 140, current PR. and almost got it. Dammit. I pressed 96% of PR.

I moved to platform and quickly warmed up deadlift. I completed rep @ 355. After entering score I looked up previous CrossFit Total and realized I matched previous score and even lifted the same weight for all 3 lifts. I thought, Go for it. 

I asked out loud, “Should I go for 360 or 355?” Evelyn said, “How did that last lift feel?” I replied, “You’re really asking me that question?” Ha! I briefly debated lifting 360 but pushed myself and ensured that 365 was on the bar. I recorded the lift.

“Jeff Luttrell, Jeff Lutrell, Jeff Luttrell, please come here. I need your emotional support.” I don’t know that I’ve ever struggled as much as I did today to complete the lift. I kept thinking, Get the bar above your knees. Above the knees. Above the knees.” I deadlifted more than 98% of 1RM.

Total = 745

That’s a mere 10# PR, but I’ll take it!

Funny things that I said today

Steve Dodge: Hey, I’d like to attend the clinic this weekend. Is it only focused on the clean or is it the clean and jerk?
Me: It’s a clean and Steve Dodge clinic.

Thom and Evelyn are master bakers. Thom master bakes a lot more than Evelyn.

Carin, I see that you have a heart on for me again today.

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