Best. Partner. Ever!

Jeff and I both worked out at 11:45 today so that we could complete the partner WOD together. Coach Marni led the session, and a “fun” time was had by all!

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

1-minute intervals with 30-second transition between intervals

As Partner A rows for max calories, Partner B completes max rep of following activities*:

– Box jumps (24/20)
– Jumping pull-ups
– KB swings (35/26)
– Walking lunges
– Knees to elbows
– Push presses (45/33)
– Back extensions
– Wall ball shots (20/14 & 10/9)
– Burpees
– Double unders
*Partners then switch, i.e., partners take turns rowing for calories and completing 10 activities.

Each round is 3 minutes (work 1 minute, rest 30 seconds, work 1 minute, rest 30 seconds).

Total time for workout is 29:30.

Jeff began with box jumps as I rowed for calories. I set a somewhat unrealistic expectation to consistently row 20 calories per round. Whilst that didn’t quite occur, I did average 20 calories per round, as I rowed 22 calories 2 rounds, 21 calories 3 of the rounds, 20 calories most rounds, and a mere 17, 18, or 19 the last 3 rounds. I couldn’t, however, tell you which rounds due to oxygen depravation.

I expected Jeff to complete more push press and wall ball shots. I expected that I’d complete more of the remaining 8 activities. Uhm, Jeff completed 2 more burpees than did I! Burpees, folks! My favorite! He said that he just wanted the minute to go by as fast as it could. I completed quite a few more wall ball shots. Huh?

Here’s the breakdown, with Jeff’s number of reps posted first.

– Box jumps | 29, 35
– Jumping pull-ups m| 45, 83
– KB swings | 35, 35
– Walking lunges | 42, 50
– Knees to elbows | 17, 27
– Push presses | 50, 39
– Back extensions | 52, 50
– Wall ball shots | 16, 21
– Burpees | 20, 16
– Double unders | 65, 74

I worked continuously and completed unbroken reps of box jumps, jumping pull-ups, KB swings, walking lunges, back extensions, and burpees. I completed as many as 10 unbroken toes to bar, 12 push presses, and 12 wall ball shots. I can’t even recall double unders.

Jeff and I rowed 371 calories. Wow, that’s a lot of calories! It’s no wonder that I was so hungry and thirsty by the end of the workout.

Total = 1,171 reps.

As I’ve stated before, Jeff and I work very well together. Not hard to imagine after being together for over 21 years.


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