Coach Marni led the 8:30 session so that Coach Nick could move into his new home. Coach Marni sure is nice! I was looking very forward to completing today’s WOD with Jeff in celebration of St. Valentine’s Day.


Metcon (Time)

– American KB swings
– Box jumps
– Plank holds (accumulated seconds) on DBs
– Plank DB rows/arm
– V (for Valentine’s Day) ups
– Double unders
Partners take turns and complete same number of reps, i.e., 1 & 1, 2 & 2, 3 & 3, etc.

Jeff and I used 53# KB and 35# DBs. We both completed all activities except double unders in unbroken reps. Most importantly, we communicated very well. Imagine that! Jeff will attest to the fact that I’m actually very nice and not overly competitive, i.e., I’m not the dick that many people assume that I am.

The plank holds were a calm before the storm. Plank holds were also the easiest of the activities, and rows were the hardest. Double unders went very smoothly, and I completed most rounds in unbroken reps. Yup, even the rounds of 40, 45, and 50. Jeff struggled a bit with double unders. He rolled his eyes at me more than once when i completed my required reps so quickly, thus not allowing enough time for him to rest before it was his turn.

Time = 35:28

Marni was partnerless for the 9:45 session, so I joined her. We had a tremendously fun time! As I had just worked out, I used a 44# KB and 25# DBs. Marni and I were in the lead, and were the first to begin double unders (although Marni was completing single unders). After a few rounds I noticed Kelly-May lying on the floor in pain. It appears that she landed badly whilst completing double unders. Both Marni and I, along with Jeff, attended to Kelly-May. When Jay was able to attend to her, Marni and I continued where we left off. We did not subtract our rest time.

Time = 39:24

Whilst Marni was leading the 8:30 session and using the bands for the warm up she said, “Pull out a little.” I had to bit my tongue. Fortunately Steve Dodge did not feel inclined to do so. Marni even continued and later said, “Pull out little bit more.” I couldn’t help myself and, when she was getting ready to speak again, said, “Pull out all of the way.” Good times at CrossFit Surmount!

A post-WOD selfie with Jeff and Luke!
A post-WOD selfie with Jeff and Luke! 
Jeff captured this "candid" photo.
Jeff captured this “candid” photo.

Feeling the bottom

And I’m not talking about James Franco. I am talking about the bottom of the overhead squat.

I completed today’s programmed workout with the 9:30 athletes and CD led the session. A good time was had by most. Dianne seemed to be in a  funk and I almost hugged. I then remembered that I’m not a hugger.

Back Squat (5-5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1)

Complete sets or rep every 2 minutes

I love back squats, and the lifts felt great today. I completed sets/reps @ 135, 155, 175, 195, 205, 210, 215, 225, & 235, a little more 90% of 1RM. Jen provided direction and support (and avoided saying “You got this!”). The last rep felt the best!

Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

5-min AMRAP
Row 350m
Max rep floor presses (65/55% of bw)
Rest 2 minutes
5-min AMRAP
Row 350m
Max rep SDHPs (65/55% of bw

While not overly challenging, this was a taxing workout. I always enjoying cashing in with a good row, and I kept pace at 1:46/500m both rounds. I floor pressed and sumo dead-lift high pulled 95#, a little more than 65% of bodyweight. I completed 15 floor presses out of the gate, and completed no less than 5 reps at a time, constantly mixing up my grip. I completed 5 SDHPs at a time except of the last set of 7 reps. I completed 67 presses and 47 SDHPs for a total score of 114.

So that I could observe CM, I attended the 11:45 session. Yup, I modified.

Overhead Squat (5-5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1)

Complete sets or rep every 2 minutes

I completed sets/reps @ 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 110, 115, & 125. I recorded all sets to ensure that I squatted below parallel. I didn’t do so the very last rep, but I did on the second attempt. Julie was kind enough to record and Marni was kind enough to let me know when I squatted below parallel.

I did indeed attempt to narrow grip, but was uncomfortable doing so. I incorporate wide stance and wide grip. To each his own.

Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

5-min AMRAP
Row 350m
Max rep floor negative ring rows
Rest 2 minutes
5-min AMRAP
Row 350m
Max rep box jumps (36″)

This was harder then floor presses and SDHPs. I once again averaged 1:46/500m row. I began by completing sets of 5 negative rings rows but was doing singles by the last 30 seconds. I worked at a steady pace for box jumps, but did “miss” 2 reps, i.e., I landed on box with feet on either side of plates. I completed 42 ring rows and 35 box jumps for a total score of 77.

10981701_10204925710356151_589956038577222883_n FullSizeRender-114

Fun Run X 2

Coach Nick wanted to join the 6am athletes, so we traded sessions. I haven’t worked out with the 7am athletes in quite some time, and it was nice to do so today.

Push Challenge (AMRAP – Reps)

3-min AMRAP

– HSPUs (level III)
– Hand-release pushups (level II)
– Knee hand-release pushups (level I)

I forgot to wear my wrist wraps and thus really struggled with HSPUs. I spend much of my time on my head, literally, as I shook out my wrists. I shall attempt 3 minutes of HSPUs again this weekend.

1: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Run 1 mile (note time)
2 minutes to complete max rep jumping weighted air squats (45/33)

2: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Run 1 mile (note time)
2 minutes to complete max rep knees to elbows

3: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Run 1 mile (note time)
2 minutes to complete max rep walking overhead lunges (45/35)

It was cold this morning, and I wore a sweatshirt and gloves whilst running.

There was no rest allowed between rounds. I have had this workout programmed for quite some time and hadn’t programmed running for the past two weeks. I get so very, very tired of folks saying “I hate running.” Running is functional movements at its finest. I won’t rant about cherry picking.

Karina, Denise, and Kristin attended the 7am session. I am exceedingly proud of Karina, as she kept me in her sights throughout the workout.

I ran the mile in an rather slow 6:42. What slowed me down? The Nike Metcons. I like the shoes for everything. Except running. The shoes felt clunky, and have too much heel for my liking.

I completed 51 jumping air squats in sets of 10, 10, 10, 5, 5, 5, 5, & 6 reps. Forty-five pounds felt heavy.

I really slowed down the second mile, taking 7:48 to run the distance. It’s always difficult to run after squatting. I completed 38 knees to elbows, completing 15 unbroken reps out of the gate. I did miss 2 reps (and didn’t count). My hands were so cold that I could barely feel the bar.

I ran the last mile in 7:15 and then completed 42 OH walking lunges. I completed 20 unbroken reps before placing the plate on the floor. My finishing time was 27:45. Minus 6 minutes that’d be 21:45, and that’d be a very slow 5K.

I liked the workout so much that I completed it again with the 11:45 am athletes, although I modified somewhat. Coach Jen led the session. I heart Coach Jen!

I once again completed the push challenge but completed hand release pushups instead, completing 84 reps. I began with 25 unbroken and completed no less than 3 unbroken during the workout. ‘Twas tough.

1: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Run 1 mile (note time)
2 minutes to complete max rep jumping weighted air squats (45/33) back squats (65)

2: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Run 1 mile (note time)
2 minutes to complete max rep knees to elbows GHD sit-ups

3: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Run 1 mile (note time)
2 minutes to complete max rep walking overhead forward lunges (65)

This was just as challenging! It had only been about 3 hours since I had worked out.

Coach Jen counted down to the start, and Luke decided that he would join us for the run. And he didn’t want to listen to me when I told him to stay. I escorted him back to the box, asked Jen to hold his collar, and I began at the 1-minute mark.

I love running in my Chucks. Nonetheless my first mile was a slow 6:55. I then completed 48 back squats, resting on just a few occasions.

My second mile was a still slow 7:08. I was starting to get hot, so I removed arm sleeves and hat. Ah, much better. I completed 37 GHD sit-ups, the first 15 in unbroken reps.

I ran the last mile 7:05 and completed 39 forward lunges (with barbell on back). I almost had an even split. My total time was 27:17, faster than earlier in the day but nonetheless a slow 5K.

It was fun (for lack of a better word) starting a minute behind the other athletes, as it kept me focused. But not all of the time…

Brad, Jennifer, Deirdre, and Susie attended the session, and Susie led the charge. I had to systematically pass Jennifer, Deirdre, Brad, and finally Susie, and I wasn’t able to catch Susie until 800m into 2nd round. I caught her at the entrance to the box, walked in, and began to meander to the GHD machine. Jen looked at me and said, “You ran a mile?” I replied, “Yes. Oh, shit! No, I didn’t run a mile!” I then had to catch Susie again. Dammit. Susie later told me that she enjoyed trying to then keep up with me.

If you want to run faster, run with people who run faster than you do. And don’t wear Nike Metcons.


Make a man out of you.

Monday, February 9

I worked out with the 6:30 am athletes, led by Coach Nick.

Suitcase Deadlift (Complete 5 reps every min for 10 min)

We set up the dumbbells in pairs, from 15 to 100#. I began with 55 and worked my up to 100#. Yup, that’s 50 suitcase deadlifts with the heaviest pair at 200#. I like suitcase deadlifts.
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
7-min AMRAP
10m farmer’s carry (53/35)
2 man makers

I truly challenged myself in that I used 40# dumbbells for manmakers, i.e., more than half of my bodyweight. I also used a 60# KB for farmer’s carry.

Uhm, have I mentioned how much I hate thrusters?

I had completed 5 rounds at the halfway mark and set a goal to complete another 5 rounds in the next 3.5 minutes. I did so, with an additional 10m farmer’s carry and 1 last man maker for a total of 32 reps.

Tuesday, February 9

I worked out with the 9:30 athletes, led by Coach Deborah.
Press (3-3-3-3-3)
I completed sets @ 75, 85, 95, 115, & 125# Presses felt good today. I did perform on the new platforms.
Push Press (2-2-2-2)
I completed sets @ 115, 125, 135, & 145, which is evidently a 2RM PR. I’ll take it.
Power Jerk (1-1-1)
I completed reps @ 135, 150, 155, the last rep just 5# less than 1RM.
I enjoyed this series, as there was only 2 minutes between the start of 1 set/rep and the next. I also like working out with Dianne and Kelly-May!
5-min AMRAP
1, 2, 3…
Chest to bar pull-ups
Complete 5 lateral bar hops between each round

My kind of workout! I was able to complete through round 7 of chest to bar pull-ups unbroken, but by the end of the workout I was doing them 1 rep at a time. I made it through round 10 and then an additional 7, completing the very last rep just as the clock sounded. That’s a total of 62 chest to bar pull-ups and 55 lateral bar hops. Make that 57 lateral bar hops, as I accidentally completed 7 reps 1 round.


My favorite number is 14

Coach Nick led the 8:30 session. Yay! My friend and former co-worker, Kelly, briefly visited between sessions and brought Luke toys and treats. Yay and yay! (You’d better work out with us tomorrow, Kelly.)

Metcon (Weight)
EMOTM for 10 minutes
Hang power clean + power clean + clean

Increase weight as form and execution improve.

I completed sets @ 75, 85, 95. 105, 115, 125, 130, 135, 140, & 145. The hang power clean was, of course, the most challenging of the activities. I once again wore my Nike Metcons. I wore my orange Nike Metcons for Olympic weightlifting! If polygamy were legal I might marry the shoes.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
14-min AMRAP of 4 reps of the following
Burpee box jumps overs (24/20)
Burpee toes to bar
Burpee wall ball shots (20/14 & 10/9)
Inverted burpee

For Rx+ complete ALL of the following:
Burpee box jumps overs (30)
Burpee strict toes to bar
Burpee wall ball shots with tricep pushup
Burpee handstand pushups

This is my kind of workout! I missed 1 wall ball shot (the last rep of the 1st round). Dammit. All other reps were good, and I completed all remaining rounds in unbroken reps. No failed HSPUs.

I completed 5 rounds + 18 reps, just 2 burpee HSPUs shy or 6 complete rounds. That’s 24 burpee box jump overs, burpee strict toes to bar, burpee tricep pushup wall ball shots, and 22 burpee HSPUs.

I did indeed watch the season 1 finale of “Homeland.” Wow. Just, wow. I’m reluctant to begin season 2 for fear that I’ll spend the rest of the day binge watching.

Zac and Meg have been sleeping all over and on me. It’s disconcerting to wake up with a cat on your chest.


Claire Danes

I’ll watch the last episode of Season 1 of “Homeland” this evening. What an intriguing, well-acted series. I’ve loved Claire Danes (and Jared Leto) since “My So Called Life” and Mandy Patinkin since “Evita.”

I worked out with the 11:45 athletes, and there was quite a large crowd today. Yay! Coach Marni herded the cats led the session, and she did a wonderful job doing so.

Bar Muscle-ups (Work on progressions and attempt max reps)

I like ring muscle ups more than bar muscle ups. I completed a few reps and then assisted Marni.

Metcon (2 Rounds for time)

Cash in
-(A)14 muscle ups (bar or ring), (B) 7 rope climbs, (C) 21 ring dips, or (D) 28 ring rows
Rest 1 minute (record time)
-7 power snatches (75/53)
-7 push presses
-7/leg box step ups with bar in front rack position (20/17)
-7 Pendlay rows
Rest 1 minute between rounds

I began with bar muscles up and had completed 3 or 4 when I noticed Marni struggling with the timer. I looked her way and she said, “I can’t get the display to work.” I ran to the TV (I was at the station farthest away from the TV and timer), spent far too much time putzing around with the cord until the timer displayed, and then ran back to my work station. I decided to complete the remaining muscle ups on the rings but hadn’t set up the rings to the correct height. Dammit. I quickly did so, completed 4 muscle ups, and had to stop because the brackets were digging into my arms. Dammit. I struggled mightily but managed to complete another 7 for a total of 14 or 15 reps. I honestly don’t know how much time it took me to complete the reps.

I do know that the clock read 5:24 when I completed the 14th (or 15th) muscle up. So, how long did it take me to complete the reps? Who the hell knows.

I began 1st round of PS, etc., at 6:24, and the following are clock and round times:
1 | 8:16 (1:42)
2 | 11:22 (2:06)
3 | 14:36 (2:04)
4 | 18:07 (2:31)
5 | 21:50 (2:43)
6 | 25:17 (2:27)

I was all over the place. I did lift 80# instead of prescribed, and a mere 5# felt like and added 15#. I was pleased that I completed all rounds of Pendlay row (easiest of movements), push presses, and power snatches in unbroken reps!

Box step ups were a nightmare, and I only completed the first round in unbroken reps. I broke up rounds 2, 3, 4 and 6 into 2 sets, but was so exhausted by round 5 that it took me 3 sets to complete all 14 reps. Keep in mind that 20″ is higher than knee-height for me. I experimented with resting at the top of the box before stepping down, placing a leg on the box and then pausing for a moment before driving with that leg, picking up the tempo, and slowing down the tempo. ‘Twas all a struggle.

I also dropped the bar after 7th push press, not even attempting to complete a step up.

Eighty pounds is 70% and 50% of power snatch and push press 1RM, respectively. Power snatches felt much easier than push presses, perhaps because I truly did unbroken.

I need to stop calling Luke, Meg, and Zac ‘sweetie” because when I say “Hey, Sweetie!” (which I often do) Siri thinks I’m saying “Hey, Siri.” And he gets upset when I don’t need anything.

FullSizeRender-110 IMG_4274



Wednesday, February 4

I worked out kinda sorta with the 11:45 athletes. As only Julie and J-No attended the session, I didn’t complete the programmed partner WOD. Dammit. I kinda sorta wanted to, and this was my last opportunity to do so. (An even number of folks attended the 6 and 9:30 sessions. Dammit.)

I programmed my own workout, a combination of “Fran” and “Diane.”

Thrusters (95)
Dead-lifts (225)
Handstand pushups

My goal was to complete all rounds of reps unbroken, and I did not achieve this goal. I completed 2nd round of 7 HSPUs in reps of 5 and 2. On a positive note, I had no failed reps of any of the activities.

This was tough, and I was winded throughout the workout.

Time = 10:14

Yup, I’ll be programming this workout in the future.

Wall Balls 2 the Wall
As many unbroken wall ball shots as possible; no time limits

I challenged myself today and chose to do Level III: 20# wall ball and 12′ target. I rounds of 8, 13, 13, and then (finally) 15 unbroken reps! Thanks for cheering me on, Julie, J-No, and Jen!

Friday, February 5

Deborah, Marni, Janet, and I attended American Red Cross First Aid and CPR Certification training this morning, and a good time was had by all.

Many videos were shown, and I saw far too many men wearing pleated pants. One scene, however, was different…

The topic was heat exhaustion (not heat stroke), and the scenario involved a young, attractive male/female could who had evidently hired movers. The featured mover was an attractive young man. Move began to suffer from heat exhaustion and the Man was trained in first aid. He said, “Let’s get you out of the sun.” The Man and another worker moved the Mover to a white (a white!) chair. The narrator said, “Remove as much clothing as possible.” The Man then removed the Mover’s shirt, shoes, and socks, and as he began to roll up the Mover’s pants I whispered to Deborah, “I’ve seen this movie before.”


I learned much regarding first aid. Who knew a magazine, towel, and a screwdriver could be used for a tourniquet? I was also happy that I had remembered CPR.

Anyone know where I can find a deal on an AED for the box?