One loss, one win

Wednesday, February 18

Jen led the 11:45 session and both Jeff and I attended.


Yup, I completed same rep scheme with OHS just last week. Nope, not constantly varied. Yup, that’s okay. I completed sets at 75, 85, 95, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, & 125. I recorded all lifts, and had Jeff watch final rep @ 125 to ensure that I broke parallel. I did. Promise.

New Year Re-Test
7-min AMRAP
5 front squats (95)
7 barbell facing burpees

This was one big hot mess. I wanted to complete with the first round of folks, but couldn’t get the timer and arrange for a recorded set up in time. I asked Jeff to go first, but he didn’t want to. Dammit. Dianne was kind enough to offer to stay a little late and record. (Thanks, Dianne!)

Vincent from WODBody Massage had arrived, as I had an appointment at 1:15. Luke loves Vincent, and Vincent loves Luke.

A couple of members decided to stay and watch me complete the workout. Uhm, I found this to be quite distracting. My self talk was out of control, I tell you, out of control! Unbeknownst to me, Luke had traveled behind me and then jumped on the massage table. Audience members were laughing at Luke — but I thought they were laughing at me. I was trying to not grunt too loudly and to not swear. I least managed to not swear. As I’ve said repeatedly, I offer no apologies for my grunting, and in retrospect think/feel that I would’ve benefited from grunting more frequently and more loudly. I also think/feel that swearing may have helped.

I only completed 9 rounds + 5 FS + 2 burpees, 5 reps less than the baseline. Dammit. Dammit, dammit, dammit. And dammit.

Decision making time: Do I attempt again and attempt a higher score? Was was most definitely off on Wednesday, and hadn’t warmed up thoroughly. And I had an audience.

Thursday, February 19

I joined Kelli for a fun workout that I had programmed for CrossFit Express. ‘Twas fun! I always enjoy working out with Kelli, as she is a fierce competitor.

Odd-numbered minutes
3 burpees box jump overs (24)
5 Russian KB swings (53)
7 ring rows (2’ above ground)
Even-numbered minutes
3 weighted lunges/leg (45)
5 plate presses (45)
7 jumping pull-ups

I completed all but the very first round in less than 30 seconds, having mistakenly completed 7 KB swings instead of 5. This was an active recovery workout.

Friday, February 20

Coach Marni led the 11:45 session. Dianne is a very loud double underer. I like that word.

Max rep pull-ups

Thirty-six. Meh.

I also completed 5 unbroken L-sit pull-ups, and the first 3 reps were chest to bar. Yup, I did that. And recorded it. And posted on YouTube.

1-min row for calories
1-min max rep burpees
1-min max rep double unders
1 min rest

Gah! This was tough! And far more difficult than I recall. I wanted to stop and vomit after rounds 3 and 4, and even contemplated removing my shirt after round 3. It was that bad.

I rowed 17 calories each and every round. I completed between 16 (first round) and 13 (last 3 rounds) of very slow burpees. I tried to complete last burpee 5 seconds before start of double unders, but even then didn’t always start double unders at the top of the minute. Total reps were 122, 108, 107, 106, 107, & 107. My previous score was 655 and today’s score was a mere 2 reps more. I’ll take it!


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