I rested yesterday. I needed it.

Today I first worked out with the 6 am athletes, led by Coach Nick.

Turkish Get Up (Take 20 minutes to establish DB TGU 1RM)

I forgot to wear my wrist wraps. Dammit. I completed 1 rep/arm @ 45, 50, 55, 60, & 65. I completed rep with right arm @ 70, but failed with left arm. My wrists (and elbows) were aching, so I called it a day. Well, not really.

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

4 rnds for Reps
1 min max rep G2S (55% of bw)
1 min max rep S20
Rest 1 min

I used 80#, a little more than 55% of bodyweight. This was a both challenging and a tremendous amount of fun! Steve D. and I completed the workout on the platform. I very much like the platform.

I completed 17 power cleans all 4 rounds, completing all rounds in 2 sets if my memory is correct. I completed 23 reps of shoulder to overhead rounds 1 and 2 and 20 reps rounds 3 and 4. I completed a half a dozen or so reps as split jerks, but found that it took too much time.

Total = 154

Although I had completed 84 hand-release pushups in 3 minutes earlier in the week, I knew I could do better and I wanted to at least give it a try. I attended the 11:45 session, led by baker extraordinaire Coach Jen. I approached the workout very differently today.

First, I completed on the platform. Second, I wore wrist wraps. Third, I rested more frequently and for less time. Fourth, I didn’t change width of hands or feet. And it worked! I completed 95 reps.

Although time was running out, I wanted to complete TGUs @ 70#. I made sure to wear wrist wraps this time! Yay!


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