Coach Marni led the 8:30 session so that Coach Nick could move into his new home. Coach Marni sure is nice! I was looking very forward to completing today’s WOD with Jeff in celebration of St. Valentine’s Day.


Metcon (Time)

– American KB swings
– Box jumps
– Plank holds (accumulated seconds) on DBs
– Plank DB rows/arm
– V (for Valentine’s Day) ups
– Double unders
Partners take turns and complete same number of reps, i.e., 1 & 1, 2 & 2, 3 & 3, etc.

Jeff and I used 53# KB and 35# DBs. We both completed all activities except double unders in unbroken reps. Most importantly, we communicated very well. Imagine that! Jeff will attest to the fact that I’m actually very nice and not overly competitive, i.e., I’m not the dick that many people assume that I am.

The plank holds were a calm before the storm. Plank holds were also the easiest of the activities, and rows were the hardest. Double unders went very smoothly, and I completed most rounds in unbroken reps. Yup, even the rounds of 40, 45, and 50. Jeff struggled a bit with double unders. He rolled his eyes at me more than once when i completed my required reps so quickly, thus not allowing enough time for him to rest before it was his turn.

Time = 35:28

Marni was partnerless for the 9:45 session, so I joined her. We had a tremendously fun time! As I had just worked out, I used a 44# KB and 25# DBs. Marni and I were in the lead, and were the first to begin double unders (although Marni was completing single unders). After a few rounds I noticed Kelly-May lying on the floor in pain. It appears that she landed badly whilst completing double unders. Both Marni and I, along with Jeff, attended to Kelly-May. When Jay was able to attend to her, Marni and I continued where we left off. We did not subtract our rest time.

Time = 39:24

Whilst Marni was leading the 8:30 session and using the bands for the warm up she said, “Pull out a little.” I had to bit my tongue. Fortunately Steve Dodge did not feel inclined to do so. Marni even continued and later said, “Pull out little bit more.” I couldn’t help myself and, when she was getting ready to speak again, said, “Pull out all of the way.” Good times at CrossFit Surmount!

A post-WOD selfie with Jeff and Luke!
A post-WOD selfie with Jeff and Luke! 
Jeff captured this "candid" photo.
Jeff captured this “candid” photo.

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