Claire Danes

I’ll watch the last episode of Season 1 of “Homeland” this evening. What an intriguing, well-acted series. I’ve loved Claire Danes (and Jared Leto) since “My So Called Life” and Mandy Patinkin since “Evita.”

I worked out with the 11:45 athletes, and there was quite a large crowd today. Yay! Coach Marni herded the cats led the session, and she did a wonderful job doing so.

Bar Muscle-ups (Work on progressions and attempt max reps)

I like ring muscle ups more than bar muscle ups. I completed a few reps and then assisted Marni.

Metcon (2 Rounds for time)

Cash in
-(A)14 muscle ups (bar or ring), (B) 7 rope climbs, (C) 21 ring dips, or (D) 28 ring rows
Rest 1 minute (record time)
-7 power snatches (75/53)
-7 push presses
-7/leg box step ups with bar in front rack position (20/17)
-7 Pendlay rows
Rest 1 minute between rounds

I began with bar muscles up and had completed 3 or 4 when I noticed Marni struggling with the timer. I looked her way and she said, “I can’t get the display to work.” I ran to the TV (I was at the station farthest away from the TV and timer), spent far too much time putzing around with the cord until the timer displayed, and then ran back to my work station. I decided to complete the remaining muscle ups on the rings but hadn’t set up the rings to the correct height. Dammit. I quickly did so, completed 4 muscle ups, and had to stop because the brackets were digging into my arms. Dammit. I struggled mightily but managed to complete another 7 for a total of 14 or 15 reps. I honestly don’t know how much time it took me to complete the reps.

I do know that the clock read 5:24 when I completed the 14th (or 15th) muscle up. So, how long did it take me to complete the reps? Who the hell knows.

I began 1st round of PS, etc., at 6:24, and the following are clock and round times:
1 | 8:16 (1:42)
2 | 11:22 (2:06)
3 | 14:36 (2:04)
4 | 18:07 (2:31)
5 | 21:50 (2:43)
6 | 25:17 (2:27)

I was all over the place. I did lift 80# instead of prescribed, and a mere 5# felt like and added 15#. I was pleased that I completed all rounds of Pendlay row (easiest of movements), push presses, and power snatches in unbroken reps!

Box step ups were a nightmare, and I only completed the first round in unbroken reps. I broke up rounds 2, 3, 4 and 6 into 2 sets, but was so exhausted by round 5 that it took me 3 sets to complete all 14 reps. Keep in mind that 20″ is higher than knee-height for me. I experimented with resting at the top of the box before stepping down, placing a leg on the box and then pausing for a moment before driving with that leg, picking up the tempo, and slowing down the tempo. ‘Twas all a struggle.

I also dropped the bar after 7th push press, not even attempting to complete a step up.

Eighty pounds is 70% and 50% of power snatch and push press 1RM, respectively. Power snatches felt much easier than push presses, perhaps because I truly did unbroken.

I need to stop calling Luke, Meg, and Zac ‘sweetie” because when I say “Hey, Sweetie!” (which I often do) Siri thinks I’m saying “Hey, Siri.” And he gets upset when I don’t need anything.

FullSizeRender-110 IMG_4274

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