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I’d like to punch this workout in the throat.

It’s been a difficult week thus far, and I haven’t had a restful night of sleep since before Luke’s surgery. Luke and I have even been sharing a single mattress during his recovery — and he’s a bed hog. I’m also somewhat apprehensive about my scheduled endoscopy. I’m most fearful of the anesthesia.

I had planned on working out at 9:30 but was too tired and hungry to do so. I came home, ate 5 (instead of 6) pieces of bacon and 2 eggs. No avocado, as I can’t eat any fruit or vegetables today. And no solids tomorrow. Gah!

Anywho, I tried to take a nap on the couch. Luke joined me, and of course rested his coned head on my lap. I had just fallen asleep when Zac pounced on my chest. He’s, well, a fat cat. He then curled up in my arms and purred loudly. I called to Jeff and asked him to wake me up at 11. He did so. At 11:37.

I was still quite groggy when I arrived at the box, and Deborah had already begun the warmup. I peed, made my protein shake, and gathered my jump rope and kettle bell.

And then the metcon started.

The MyWod timer was acting up and neither Deborah nor I could get it to work correctly. Kelli, Susie, Glenda, and I all rowed 10 calories and then had to stop and start over. I kinda needed the warmup, so I didn’t mind.

OPT A: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Every other minute for 30 minutes (15 rounds)
– Row 10 calories
– 3 wall crawls
– 7 Russian KB swings (60)
– 30 double unders

Work 90; rest 30

I knew that most people wouldn’t make it to the double unders let alone complete all 30. I knew that I wanted to work at a steady pace and make it to the double unders each and every round.

This was f@cking tough. I don’t know if it would’ve been any easier if I had been more awake.

Things did not start off well. I rowed 10 calories in about 30 seconds, easily completed 3 unbroken wall crawls (with nose to wall), easily completed 7 Russian KB swings, and stumbled through double unders only completing 11 reps. Dammit. If I weren’t so tired I’d type “dammit” 11 times.

And then things got much better. I completed unbroken double unders for 12 of the remaining 14 rounds. I also consistently rowed 10 calories in about 30 seconds (not easy for a short man like me), 3 unbroken wall crawls (never resting on the floor between reps), 7 unbroken KB swings, and began double unders between the 1:15 and 1:20 mark.

I did have to set up my jump rope with my back to the other athletes, as I often get distracted by the sound and sight of others doing double unders. In retrospect I also set up the jump rope a little too far away. Uhm, that extra 2 to 3 seconds of rest sure was nice.

Thirty seconds of rest between rounds allowed just enough time to record reps, swear loudly, occasionally take a drink of protein shake, and get set up in the rower.

I mentioned that I only completed 11 double unders the first round. For rounds 2 through 14 I competed 26, 23, 24, 26, 19, 20, 22, 16, 26, 25, 25, 25, 25, and 16 reps.

I really wanted to complete 30 reps the last round. I sprinted for row, ran to wall for wall crawls, quickly transitioned to KB swings and completed reps, and then went to my jump rope just as Coach Deborah said “Thirty seconds remaining!” I may have smiled, as I knew that even if I tripped I’d likely be able to complete 30 reps. I completed 41 unbroken reps.

And I’m giving myself credit for the additional 11. Yup, I’m giving myself credit.

Score = 654 reps

Coach James was kind enough to snap some non-staged photos.

FullSizeRender-95 FullSizeRender-96 FullSizeRender-97

I heart burpees!

Nick led the 6 am session. I sent him a text letting him know what a great coach he is!

Deadlift (Ladder @ 45-50% of 1RM)

I lifted 185#. I honestly didn’t know how this was going to play out, thinking that some might make it through 20 rounds. Even though I wasn’t coaching it became apparent that nothing good could come from doing more than 120 reps, i.e., though minute 15, so I called it at the 10-min mark.

I worked out in 7303 and was closest to the garage door; thus, my back was turned to everyone. Steve Dodge and I were neck and neck for the first 10 or so rounds, often finishing our last reps of the round at about the same time. Unbeknownst to me Dianne was watching me and pacing her lifts based upon my performance. I’m pretty sure she was looking at my ass the entire time. I mean, who wouldn’t? She’s very smart. She and I, along with a couple of others, completed though round 15 and in unbroken reps. The last few reps of the rounds of 13, 14, & 15 felt like 1RM attempts. You could tell by my grunts.

Flat back, neutral neck. Yup, that.

That’s 120 deadlifts. Let’s have fun with math.

120 x 185 = 22,200#
22,200 ÷ 143 (bw) = 155

Math isn’t really all that much fun.

Metcon (Time)

20-10-20 burpee toes to bar
10-20-10 DB burpee

Twenty burpee toes to bar and 10 dumbbell burpees the first round. Get it? Good. Going on.

For an added challenge I used 44# kettle bells. To make the workout even more challenging I kept hands on kettle bells for burpee reps. That’s tough on the wrists, folks.

Dianne was to my immediate right and facing me (as I faced the wall). We began at the same pace but then I, well, dropped her like a bug. A pretty bug, you know, like a ladybug. Burpee toes to bar presented little challenge and I completed all rounds of reps unbroken. Kettle bell burpees were a b!tch, and whilst I did complete all rounds unbroken it was muy dificil to do so.

I was a sweaty, blathering mess when all was said and done.

Time = 9:50

Jeff completed the workout with the 5:15 athletes and finished 10 seconds faster than did I. This makes me very happy, as I know he doesn’t cheat.

Uhm, but he said he should’ve used heavier dumbbells.

And I agree.

No Skip To My Lou

Luke is still recovering, so Jeff attends a session and then I’m on my own; thus, I coached both the 8:30 and 11 am workouts and worked out solo between sessions.

Today’s programmed workout:

Metcon (Time)

With a partner
Thrusters (95/63)
Partners may choose how to complete reps but each athlete must complete a minimum of 1 rep per round

Metcon (Time)

With a partner
500 air squats
Athletes must take turns completing 1 rep/turn

As I had no partner, I completed solo. I did, however, decrease weight of thrusters and SDHPs to 85# — and that was plenty heavy.

I felt very tired today, and often felt light-headed. I didn’t go all out, and I’m glad that I did not. I only completed the rounds of 12 & 9 SDHPs unbroken as well as rounds of 6 & 3 SDHPs and thrusters unbroken.

I hate thrusters. I. Hate. Thrusters.

I completed 84 thrusters and SDHPs in 17:29.

And then I completed 500 air squats. Five hundred. Gah!

I completed first 100 unbroken, albeit at a relaxed tempo. The next 100 reps I did based on effort, sometimes completing less than 10. And that made me upset. I completed the last 300 reps in sets of 10.

This took a long time to complete! How long? Fourteen minutes and 39 seconds.

My legs felt dead. D. E. A. D.


Just one rep, but I’ll take it.

I coached the 8:30 session and then attended the 9:45 session, led by Coach Nick. ‘Twas fun yet exhausting.

Lynne (AMRAP – Reps)

5 Rounds for Max Reps of:
Bodyweight Bench Press

I last completed this metcon June 6, 2014 with a score of 174 reps. I remember how difficult it was, so I tried to mentally prepare myself. My only goal was to get a PR, even if that meant by a mere rep. I jotted down last year’s results and set my goal to increase reps for both BP and PU each round.

BP: 14, 12, 10, 8, 7
PU: 30, 27, 23, 22, 21

My bodyweight is 143 and I bench pressed 145.

Things did not start off well, as I only completed 12 BP the 1st round. Dammit. I also completed pull-ups on a non-Speal bar the first round. Dammit. I was nonetheless able to complete 34 reps, so I was up by 2.

I completed just 10 BP and 27 PU the 2nd round, so I was now even with previous score. My mistake was taping my hands, and I should know better than to do so. I did, however, use the Speal bar for this and remaining rounds. I also removed the tape from my hands. Unlike last year, I did not tear my hands today. Yay!

By the of the 2nd round my forearms were swolt, I tell you, swolt! I said, “Everything is swolt.” Karen asked, “Everything?” I said, “Yes, and I haven’t been this swolt since my honeymoon.”

Nine BP and 24 PU 3rd round. Still even with previous record. I was getting very nervous.

I was able to complete 8 BP the 4th round, and this gave me confidence. I was able to only complete 23 PU, though, failing at last attempted rep. Uhm, I heard a “No rep!” Uhm, like I knew it was a no rep. I was up a mere rep.

I was very anxious and just wanted to get through the last round. I had convinced myself that a PR may not be in the cards.

I completed 8 BP the final round, 1 more rep than anticipated. I knew that I had to complete just 20 PU for a PR.

And that’s what I did! Whilst I did attempt a 21st rep, my chin most certainly did not go above the bar. If I knew that I hadn’t achieved a PR I would’ve stayed on the bar for as long as it took me to do so.

Score = 175 reps

I don’t want to do this workout again anytime soon.


Less abulous

I was once again wide awake at a very early hour. I worked out at 6, coached at 7, and at 8 then took Luke to the vet for his scheduled surgery. I’ve since heard the from vet, and all went well. It’s unlikely that I’ll sleep well tonight nonetheless, even after having consumed a beer.

I’ve very pleased with Nick’s performance as a coach, and enjoy his sessions. Today was no exception.

Barbara (Time)

Five Rounds for time:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats
*3-minute rest after each round*

No PR today, so let’s get that out of the way. I set a goal to complete all rounds of pull-ups, sit-ups, and air squats unbroken, knowing that It’d be very unlikely that I’d be able to complete 30 unbroken pushups after having just completed 20 unbroken pull-ups. I felt out of sorts this morning, and not only because of my worrying about Luke. I had loudly claimed a Speal bar, set my protein drink beside my station, set-up my pumice stone and chalk on J-hooks, and then went to the bathroom to put on Bodyglide. When I returned all of the Speal bars had been claimed. I’m not going to mention any names Steve Dodge as to who the guilty party was who, you know, was a Steve Dodge squatter. Both Laurie and another individual Steve Dodge offered to share a Speal bar, but my reach is so wide that this is very difficult to do. I don’t like high five or fist bumps let alone holding hands whilst doing pull-ups. And as clients always come first, I set up my station to the left of Laurie, reasoning that I had a good chance that I could use the Speal bar if she wasn’t doing pull-ups at the same time. I was indeed able to use the Speal bar the 2nd, 3rd, and final rounds.

But not the 4th round. Or the first.

I completed 20 unbroken pull-ups the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and final rounds. But not the 4th. The grip felt so weird that I was only able to complete 12 unbroken reps before dropping from the bar. And then I had to finish the round in reps of 5 & 3. Steve Dodge Dammit.

I completed 1st round of pushups in reps of 20 & 10, and the remaining rounds in reps of 15, 10, & 5. All rounds of Abmat sit-ups and air squats were completed in unbroken reps. Sit-ups were laborious. Have I lost some of my abulousness? Upon completion of all rounds I had to stretch my abs. I also ran my fingers down my abs and, as always, was reminded that I needed to do laundry.

I’m usually to self conscious, but I was today and on more than one occasion. For example, I had completed 1st round and had begun 2nd round as most people were resting between 1st and 2nd rounds. Okay, while all people were resting. And I felt all eyes upon me. The music had temporarily stopped playing and I knew I was breathing loudly. I asked Nick to turn up the music and he obligingly did so. (Thanks, Nick!) On another occasion and as often happens, the liner of my lululemon shorts had ridden up my ass after sit-ups and I had to dig all up in there to pull the liner down. As people were watching. And yet another time occurred when Laurie and I were working out beside each other and Nick said, “Keep up with him, Laurie.” And she laughed, saying, “There’s no way I’m going to keep up with him.”

I lapped quite a few people and felt bad for doing so. I was on my final round whilst most people were on their 4th round. I even apologized to Laurie afterwards and she said, “Don’t worry about it. It feels good to lap someone. I always enjoy lapping someone during a race!” And she’s right.

Rnd 1 | 3:18
Rnd 2 | 3:25
Rnd 3 | 3:42 (damned sit-ups)
Rnd 4 | 3:59 (I had really slowed down)
Rnd 5 | 3: 42

I was somewhat disappointed in my time, as it was almost a minute slower than my PR. I am still elated, however, with yesterday’s performance on “Elizabeth.” Imma gonna be tryin’ that one again real soon.



I was wide awake at 3:53 this morning. For one brief moment I thought that I had either not set an alarm (my alarm is always set) or slept though the alarm (I’m a very light sleeper). And then I realized that I’m just very anxious about Luke’s scheduled ACL surgery tomorrow. Yup, I truly am.

Benchmark Week continues, and I coached the first 3 sessions and then attended the 9:30 session led by Deborah and attended by, among others, Karina Abdul Jabbar.

Elizabeth (Time)

Clean, 135#
Ring Dips

Elizabeth has to be one of my least favorite benchmark WODs, and I haven’t completed it in ages (although I’ve programmed at CrossFit Surmount as recently as just a couple of months ago). Why haven’t I completed? It was either scheduled on a rest day, a BBC day, and/or I just didn’t want do to it.

I hate squat cleans as much as I love ring dips. Yes, I hate squat cleans that much.

My only goal today was to complete the workout as prescribed, as I’ve always decreased the weight of cleans. I was feeling lethargic at the start of the session and I informed Deborah that I’d determine if I was going to work out based upon the warmup. The warmup went well, so Deborah partnered me with Karin Abdul Jabbar. I heart KAJ. I went first, but before doing so loudly pronounced, “This is the first time I’m attempting this workout as prescribed. There’s likely to be much swearing.”

There was surprisingly very little sweating, and I only said f@ck at the completion of the round of 21 cleans and just before the very last clean. I did, however, grunt. And make very strange faces. (I’d post some pics but Deborah is the world’s worst photographer and every picture she took is blurry. I’m sorry, that sounded harsh. Deborah is actually the universe’s worst photographer. Yes, if there are multiverse’s she may very well be the multiverses’ worst photographer. Hugs, Deborah!)

I completed each clean one rep at time, ensuring that I squatted below parallel and finished the lift at full extension. I didn’t miss a single rep. Yay! I did, however, drop the bar at the end of every lift. (I didn’t slam the bar to the floor as I witnessed during one of the earlier sessions. You can’t imagine how much that pisses me off.)

I completed round of 21 ring dips in 3 sets of 7 reps, round of 15 in reps of 11 & 4, and last round of 9 unbroken. I could’ve easily completed all rounds unbroken but I kept thinking “The faster I complete dips the sooner I have to start cleans. Why not rest?” At least I’m being honest.

Karina Abdul Jabbar was an excellent judge. She counted reps, let me know how many reps I had completed when asked, and didn’t cheer for me one single time. No “You got this!” No “Niiiiice!” She didn’t coach. No “Pull yourself under the bar!” No “Hips forward!”

I thanked her afterwards and she said, “I knew exactly what to do. I’m married to a Type A personality.” Ha! I always considered myself a Type A+ personality.

Time = 10:34

Certainly not blazingly fast, but I’m very pleased with my performance nonetheless. By the 45th rep of the clean the weight felt like it was about 1135#. I cleaned 80% of 1RM and 90% of body weight.

Jeff and Luke!