Lotta pushing and squatting. And rowing.

I joined the 8:30 am athletes, led by Coach Jeff.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Ring pushup ladderFullSizeRender-75

My goal was to make it through round 20, and to complete at least through round 15 in unbroken reps. I made it through round 17 in unbroken reps and competed through round 22. Uhm, that’s 253 reps. That’s a lotta pushups! ‘Twas fun trash talking with Dianne. ‘Twas even more fun crushing her like a teeny, tiny bug. Ha! I kid because I love.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Front squat ladder @ bodyweight

I rested 5 minutes before beginning FS ladder. My goal was to make it through round 10, as I knew that this was going to be much more challenging than pushups if for no other reason than FS take longer than pushups to perform. I lifted 145, 2 pounds heavier than bodyweight. Nope, i didn’t gain any weight over the holidays. Did you? I made it through round 10 with plenty of time to spare, so I completed round 11. When I finished round 11 I said, “That’s it.” But 10 seconds remained before the start of the next round. Dammit. I completed round 12, but did rack the bar 2 times (after reps 6 & 9) and barely completed last rep before end of minute round. Uhm, that’s 78 reps.

I attended the Barbell Club but sat out during front squats. I’m just that smart.

Bench Press (Close grip 5, 5, 5, 3, 3, 3)

I completed sets of 5 @ 125, 130, & 135, and sets of 3 @ 140, 145, & 150, just shy of 80% of 1RM.

Snatch Grip DL+Snatch Grip RDL+Mid-Hang High Pull

I completed 3 sets at 115#. My hands were getting raw.

Metcon (Time)
4 Sets ME:
4 DL @ 225
:30 row for cals
Rest 2 mins
Repeat 2 times
Rest 5 mins before repeating

Coach James instructed us to attempt to complete rounds in under a minute.

1 | 1:05 & 11
2 | :59 & 12
3 | :54 & 11
4 | :55 & 11
5 | :54 & 12
6 | :53 & 11
7 | :53 & 11
8 | :54 & 13

That’s a total of 93 calories and time of 24:28 (including rest).

I dropped the bar after each deadlift the first 2 rounds but then completed in unbroken (i.e., non-droppping) reps for the remainder of rounds. I also got better at not doing a pushup for burpees and for not worrying about fully extending at top of box jump.

I’m going to be getting a sleeve tattoo. When I mention this the first response I often get is “You’re so hairy.” Uhm, why do people find it necessary to say this? Is there something wrong with being hairy? Do I not know that I’m hairy? Will I not be able to get a tattoo due to my hairiness? Oh, and I don’t really care when you say, “I don’t like hairy men.” I’m not in the market, and chances are you’re not my type.

There, I got that off of my chest. My very hairy chest.

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