A Lotta Squats and Double Unders

I decided to join the 11:45 athletes, as I seldom work out during the noon hour. A very good time was had by all!

A: Double-Unders (Spend up to 10 minutes practicing doubles unders)

I completed rounds of 51 and then 84 unbroken reps, well below PR. My shoulders gave out before my lunges or legs.

B: Back Squat (Complete 30 unbroken reps @ 50% of 30RM)

It took me 36 seconds to 85# back squat  30 times. The last five reps felt heavy.

C: Pistols (Practice progressions)

Unlike other members, I haven’t been practicing pistols or pistol progressions. Fortunately, I remember how to do so. We didn’t have much time, so I only completed 4 reps/leg.

D: Metcon (Weight)

EMOTM for 15 minutes

1 clean + 1 power jerk + 1 front squat+1 thruster
– 2-count rest between reps

The hardest part was often the 2-second rest between lifts. I completed 2 sets @ 75#, then increased weight by 5# each round. As there was a bonus round, my last set was @ 145#.

I should’ve gone for 150#. Dammit.

I had considered skipping Barbell Club, but as Jeff, Thom, and Evelyn couldn’t make it this evening I thought it best that I participate. I’m very glad that I did!

Hang Snatch (5×3-5)
I completed 2 reps @ 100, and 1 @ 105 — a PR. James justifiably reminded me to pull myself under the bar. Yup.
Snatch Balance & Snatch Pull-Under
I completed set using the 45# bar. As James said, “Never do more than three reps at a time.” Sound advice, James.
2 Halting Snatch DL+2 Snatch Pulls
This was tough on the hamstrings. Difficult, enjoyable, and applicable. I completed 4 sets @ 115#.
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
7 min AMRAP
6 Kettle Bell Snatch
30 DUs
9 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

This was tough. I was convinced that I’d only be able to complete KB snatches at 44#, but was pleased that I was able to do so using the 53# KB. It’s all in the hips. And the pull. And the punch. James provided positive feedback (and I may have even heard an exclamation point). I missed the last rep of the third set (with left arm) in that I unconsciously used my right hand to push up KB. Huh? I re-did rep. I completed first round of C2B pull-ups unbroken, and the 2nd and 3rd kind of unbroken in that I didn’t drop from the bar but did get in an extra kip for the last 2 and 3 reps, respectively. My chest did indeed touch the bar each and every rep. I completed that last round by completing 5 unbroken reps and then 4 singles. I completed all rounds of dus unbroken. Yup, I did that.

I completed 4 rounds + 5 KB snatches. And was spent.


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