No one would give…

I had the pleasure of joining the 9:30 athletes this morning, and ’twas a full house!

We de-loaded push press (5 @ 70, 80, & 90#) and Pendlay rows (3×5 @ 135#), blah, blah, blah. Then came the fun stuff.

For 10 minutes
:00 – 1 unbroken toes to bar or V-up
:10 – 2 reps
:20 – 3 reps
:30 – 4 reps
:40 – 3 reps
:50 – 2 reps

My goal was to complete 7 rounds of toes to bar, and I planned on resting 3 rounds. Whilst I did indeed complete 7 rounds of T2B, I didn’t rest a single round, instead completing V-ups during remaining rounds. Why didn’t I rest?

It was as if everyone was waiting for me to give. As I mentioned, there was a full house, and most everyone was completing V-ups. And just one person rested, and she only rested one round. It was as if they were willing me to break. Ha! I truly enjoyed the motivation, and I certainly wouldn’t have completed all 150 reps if they hadn’t motivated me to do so.

I did complete all rounds of T2B and V-ups as prescribed. i.e., I began first rep at start time, completed all reps within 10-seconds, touched toes to bar or hands to toes, etc. I only enter Rx when it’s truly Rx. I’ll leave it at that.

That was a considerable amount of ab work, even for yours truly.

6-min AMRAP
500m row
AMRAP inverted burpees

As I’ve mentioned before, I particularly enjoy working out with Kelli, as she always challenges me. Today was no exception. Perhaps she enjoys working out with me as well? I chose my rower and then spot on the wall for inverted burpees before realizing that she had chosen the rower beside me and a spot on the wall to my immediate left.

We began rowing, and we matched each other stroke for stroke. Uhm, I matched Kelli stroke for stroke, as I had planned on rowing 18 s/m and averaged 24 instead. I rowed 500m in an easy 1:49. I did get a head-start on the inverted burpees and had probably completed a half of a dozen or so before she joined me. When she did begin, we were pretty evenly matched, although my pace may have been slightly faster. Why do I mention this?

Because I counted 35 reps. I don’t recall losing count at any point in time, so in my mind I completed 35 reps. And that’s a good, honest score. I was mixing my sfh recvoery up my awesome CrossFit Surmount shaker bottle and the following conversation occurred…

Kelli: How many reps did you get?
Me: Thirty-five.
Kelli: That can’t be right.
Me: Why not?
Kelli: Because I got 35, and you started before me and did them faster than I did.
Me: You were with me neck and neck. I’m sure that you also got 35.
Kelli: You got at least 40 or 45.
Me: I counted 35, so that’s what I’m putting into Wodify.
Kelli: Then I’ll put 30.
Me: You completed 35 reps. Put 35 down. In my mind I completed 35 reps, too, and that’s what I’m putting down.
Kelli: I’m sure you did more than 35 reps.
Me: It really doesn’t matter how many reps I did or didn’t do. You completed 35 inverted burpees, and that’s awesome! Enter 35.

Kelli did indeed enter 35 reps, as did I. Did I probably lose count and complete more than that? Likely. Is it at all important? No. Do you see where I’m going with this? I hope so.

Today was a truly fun and challenging workout! I like that even I have been sore lately. No pain, just soreness. And that’s okay.

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