It’s all about the abs (no belly, no belly)

I had the pleasure of attending two, count them, two sessions led by Coach Jen. She’s awesome! She may be the Yin to my Yang. The Chaka to my Khan. The Connie to my Chung.

Athletes were asked to choose between three options. I first chose Option A

OPT A: Metcon (Time)
3 rounds for time of:
50 GHD sit-ups
25 strict handstand push-ups

This was a main site workout, and I was anxious to give it a try. It was tough. I began by completing 33 unbroken GHD sit-ups. Why 33 and not 50? Because I probably should’ve completed fewer reps out of the gate, you know, since I was going to be completing 150 reps total. By the end of the first round I was completing as few as 3 reps at a time. For rounds 2 and 3 I completed no less than 5 and no more than 20 at a time. That was a much smarter approach.
I’ve never completed 25 strict handstand pushups in a workout, let alone 75. I began by completing 15 unbroken reps, and for round 1 I completed no less than two reps at a time. I only had 1 failed rep the entire workout, and that occurred during round 1 in that I didn’t immediately push up once my head touched the Abmat. I honestly can’t recall how long it took me to complete round 1. I began round 2 with seven unbroken reps and was doing singles by the end of the round. I completed five unbroken reps at the start of round 3, completed a couple of doubles, and then a hell of a lot of singles. Kelly-May was kind enough to record the last reps.
Time = 24:24
That was one freaking tough workout.
I returned to the box for the 11:45 workout. I chose Option B this time, and it was much easier than Option A. This was also a main site workout.
OPT B: Metcon (Time)
3 rounds for time of:
50 hip extensions
25 strict pull-ups

As Kelli-With-An-I was also using the GHD machine for hip extensions, I staggered my start and began at the 2-minute mark. (Thanks for counting down for me, Susie!) I completed all 3 rounds of GHD hip extensions by completing no less than 5 and as many as 25 unbroken reps at a time. Holy Hamstrings, Batman! Kelli-With-An-I raced me to the GHD machine the last round, so I had to take a little bit of time to adjust the other machine.
I began strict pull-ups by completing 15 unbroken reps. For round 1 I completed no less than three reps at a time. I began both rounds 2 & 3 by completing 5 unbroken reps, and for both rounds completed as many as five unbroken and as few as just a single rep. In fact, the last 10 reps were done one at a time. One. At a. Time.
Time = 15:29
Uhm, nine minutes faster. Yup, strict pull-ups are much easier than strict handstand pushups.

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