I feel much, much better after taking much needed time off from exercising. I highly recommend that each and everyone one of you occasionally do the same. Listen to your body. Are you feeling especially sore, overly tired, and/or (worst of all) less than enthusiastic about working out? Then take time off, and I’m not talking about just a day or two.

I was feeling so energetic today that I completed both the programmed workout of the day and barbell club, albeit modified.

Metcon (Time)

In 2-minute intervals (with 30-sec rest between intervals) complete 50 reps of the following:

– Power jerks (95#)
– Front squats
– Ring rows
– V-ups
– Bent over rows
– Hollow rocks

– If you are unable to complete all reps within 2 minute, complete remaining reps during the next cycle, e.g., power jerks minutes 0-2 and 14-16.

– Complete 200 double unders in time remaining in any interval and/or when all activities have been completed

– You may NOT complete dus during rest

This was quite a challenging workout. I’ll begin by giving myself kudos for the programming, as I intended sequential activity to be slightly less difficult that preceding activity, e.g., front squat easier than power jerks, ring rows easier than front squats, etc.

I completed 32 power jerks, 38 front squats, and 35 ring rows. Why so few ring rows? Because the rings were 33″ from floor and I placed my feet on 24″ box. Yup, inverted ring rows. I completed 50 V-ups (with Kelli setting the pace) and 14 dus, 50 bent over rows and 41 du, 50 hollow rocks (my abs were on fire!) and 22 dus.

On to the next round… I completed power jerks and 33 dus, front squats and 80 dus, and last 15 rings rows and last 10 dus. The score was accumulate time.

Time = 16:58

Both physically and psychologically challenging. And just as fun!

Coach James began the warm up for the BBC as I entered scores for the 8:30 athletes. I chose not to complete bench press, because, well, my shoulders are still somewhat sore. I didn’t complete pull-up, well, because I really don’t need to.

A1: Bench Press (10,8,6,4,2,2)
A2: Strict Pull-up 
B: Metcon (No Measure)
EMOM – 12mins
odd – close grip bench press 3-4 70% of 1rm @20X0
even – PC TnG x 5 60% of 1rm
I began with 115 and increased to 125 for BP, and the lifts felt good. Yup, I could’ve probably lifted 135, i.e., 70% of 1RM. Power cleans felt great today, as 100# felt much lighter than 115#. Jeff completed PCs very, very quickly! Thom is obviously menopausal.
C: Metcon (No Measure)
EMOM – 12mins
odd – DB push press 4-6 reps tough
even – FLR on DB’s 30sec
I used 35# KBs for push presses, and completed 6 reps each round. I completed first round of plank on KBs, and it was far too easy to hold for 30 seconds. I suggested weighted plank and James agreed. I placed 35# plate on back next round, and the plank was still too easy. James suggested I complete on DBs instead. I wore 35# weight vest and completed 1-armed plank holds for remaining 4 rounds. Still not much of a challenge…
D: Metcon (No Measure)
EMOM – 12mins
odd – 50 DU
even – 1 MU + 6-8 ring dips focus on kip
I still don’t want to practice muscle ups, so I completed 8 unbroken ring dips each round and 50 unbroken double unders last 4 rounds. After each round of unbroken dus I shouted, “I’m back, bitches!” You know, because I’m back. Bitches.
E: Metcon (No Measure)
EMOM – 12mins
odd – Row 12cals
even – PS 1. 1. 1 70% of 1rm
I had originally planned on completing 85# power snatches but wisely decided to decrease weight to 75#. Uhm, in retrospect I could’ve easily power snatched 95#. I attempted to row 12 calories in 12 strokes, but it took 13 strokes each round. Thom loudly rowed beside me, and it was very difficult to hear my own grunting over the his exclamations and proclamations of “I’m menopausal! I sweat getting out of bed in the morning! I sweat thinking about not sweating! Do you think I’m pretty?”
I coached the 11am session and then came home and destroyed some food.

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