Karina Abdul Chest To Bar

FullSizeRender-38 I’m stilling taking it easy, so even though I really wanted to I did not complete OHS today. I did, however, join the 8:30 athletes for the metcon.

Partner Workout
In teams of 2
10-20-30-20-10 (teams of 2)
-Floor presses (115/93 | 105/83 | 95/73)
-Chest to bar pull-ups
-Power cleans
Both athletes must complete 25 lateral bar hops after each round

– Work must be evenly divided
– Athlete may not begin to complete next round until teammate(s) completes lateral bar hops
Melinda and Sarah had both overhead squatted 83# and had formed a team of 3 along with Ashley. I said, “I’ll slip a coin to see who will get to be my partner.” I couldn’t find a coin, so Thom suggested I flip a 2.5# plate. I did, and Melinda called “tails.” Tails it was! I’m not sure how Melinda felt about the toss. Ha!
Melinda was wonderful to work with. We both like to talk to ourselves when we workout. We also grunt loudly. The perfect pair!
I can’t recall the specifics, i.e., the exact order. I will document what I do recall.
Melinda began with floor presses. I followed and completed 5 unbroken reps. For a change of pace, 115# felt rather light today. For the floor presses. And that is all. I completed the remaining rounds of floor presses unbroken with the exception of the round of 15 in that I completed in reps of 10 and 5. I could’ve completed unbroken, but I wanted to give Melinda time to rest.
I’m just that f@cking nice.
I did the same with chest to bar pull-up, i.e., completed unbroken except for round of 15 in reps of 10 and 5.
SDHPs felt heavy today, and, whilst I did complete in reps of 5, I did complete one at a time. Cleans felt even heavier, and I once again completed in reps of 5 and again one at a time. I even missed a rep! Melinda provided much needed and appreciated support. I completed all 4 rounds of 25 lateral bar hops unbroken.
When Melinda completed what I thought was her last 5 of the 15 SHDPs (as I had completed 15), I began power cleans. Melinda said, “We still have 5 more. If I counted correctly.” I stopped doing power cleans and immediately did another 5 SDHPs. I pretty sure I ended up doing 20 reps that round. And that’s okay. I also didn’t count the 3 power cleans that I had completed. And that’s okay. If there’s any doubt as to the number of reps completed, always go with the lesser of the numbers. Always. And I mean always.
This was one of the more difficult and challenging partner workouts. On the way home from the box Jeff asked, “Did you know when you programmed it that that combination of activities was going to be difficult?” Uhm, it’s like he doesn’t even know me. Of course I knew it was going to be difficult!

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