Too many cleans! I had little choice but to complete the workout this morning. Yup, I was still sore from last night’s Barbell Club. I’m reluctant to count how many cleans I’ve completed in the past 12 hours.

Snatch Grip Deadlift (5 reps @ 60, 65, & 70% of 1RM)

De-load is delightful. I completed easy sets @ 170, 185, & 200#. I’m looking forward to next Friday!

PC-M: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

15-min AMRAP
1 squat clean (135/)
1 pull-up
2 squat cleans
2 pull-ups
3 squat cleans

This is Level II of the Lurong Pale Challenge. Level I was muscle ups (Yay!) and 185# squat cleans (Boo!).

Uhm, things did not start of well. Uhm, I missed the very first clean, stupidly attempting power instead of full squat clean. I quickly completed full squat clean and pull-up. I then very stupidly attempted yet another power clean. And failed. That was the last attempt at a power clean, and I completed all remaining reps as full squat cleans.

Sh!t got heavy very fast. The pull-ups were a welcome relief. I completed all rounds unbroken.

I completed all cleans one at a time. One. Atta. Time.

I yelled loudly as I stood up from each and every squat. Each. Ande’ry. Squat.

With time running out, I missed the 6th rep of the set of 10. I glanced at the clock, made sure that I rested, and completed the rep. I may have had time for another rep, but I was done.

I completed 9 rounds + 6 reps for a total of 96.

That was tough!

Flippin’ and snatchin’

IMG_0893 IMG_0897

I rested yesterday. ‘Twas much needed.

I had my annual physical today, and as I’ve changed primary care physicians this was my first visit at the UNC Healthcare location. Uhm, the questionnaire stated: Check the box if you have homosexual preference. Uhm, it’s “orientation,” not preference. Uhm, it’s also 2014. I crossed through “preference” and penciled in “orientation” — and then didn’t check any box.

The nurse, Janet (named changed) asked, “Are you a runner?” “No,” I replied.” “A biker?” “No, I replied.” I thought, “Keep guessing.” She then asked, “Are you a swimmer?” I gave up and said, “No, I’m a CrossFitter.” “I could tell you were an athlete,” she replied. I took it as a compliment. Blood pressure 114/75, pulse 50, temperature 97.5, and weight 143 pounds. Dr. R, whilst listening to my heart, said, “This is going to take a while because your heart beats so slowly.” Again, I took it as a compliment.

A: Metcon (Weight)

Big Clean Complex (must be unbroken)
2 hang cln 1 full cln + push press
2 hang cln 1 full cln + push jerk
2 hang cln 1 full cln + 1 split jerk

This was tough. Coach James gave us plenty of time to warm up and establish the weight we’d use for complex. I settled on 125 and James, as he often does, encouraged me to go heavier. He said, “If you fail, that’s okay. You’ll know what you’re capable of doing.” I put 45# plates on the bar and successfully completed the complex at that weight. My cleans are much better than my jerks. I still fear re-injuring my shoulder.

B: Metcon (Weight)

Hang clean + C&J + jerk (heavier)

I was pretty much spent by this point. I first attempted 145# and didn’t even get under the bar. I lowered the weight to 135, and did sets at that weight, 140, 145, and 150#. I was done, and told James so.

C: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

90-second intervals; rest 90 seconds between activities
– Rope climbs
– DUs
– Tire flips
– Burpees
– Snatches

So that we could all complete in order, Jeff began rope climbs followed by me and then Mike. I should’ve thought this through, and this meant I was always the only person working as Jeff and Mike rested. Dammit. Tonight was one of those times when I often got in the very last rep just as the timer beeped, and this happened for all but power snatches.

I was dreading the power snatches before we even began. James encouraged us to power snatch 80% of 1RM, and as my 1RM is 115 I lifted 100#. Uhm, that’s more than 85%. Dammit. James said, “Even if you get just one rep I’ll be happy.”

Six rope climbs and125 double unders. So far, so good. Prior to tonight, I had not attempted to flip 300# tire, and I was worried that I would be unable to do so. I attempted the first flip, and just couldn’t position my hands correctly. I let the tire drop to the ground. I got the next attempt. I attempted again, failed again, and then completed a second flip. James said, “There’s 30 seconds left.” I could tell by his tone and demeanor that he was giving me permission to quit. Ha! No f@cking way. I flipped the tire a third and final time.

Burpees? Hell, yes! James called “Halfway there” when I had just completed 15. I set my goal to complete 30 and completed 31.

I completed 1 power snatch, failed an attempted, completed a second power snatch, and failed again. James encouraged me to rest until there was just a few seconds left on the clock. I waited until there was 15 seconds, and completed 2 last reps for a grand total of just 4 measly reps.

That was tough. Total score = 169 reps.

Thirty-nine reps

IMG_0734 IMG_0736

Monday, October 6

My abs were somewhat sore, you know, from 70 GHD sit-ups. I tried one V-up and wisely decided to not complete metcon. I’m just that smart.

Floor Press (5 reps @ 60, 65, & 70% of 1RM)

I completed sets @ 120, 130, & 140#. Deload is delightful.

Metcon (No Measure)

EMOTM for 10 minutes; complete 3 reps/leg
Odd-numbered minutes: Forward lunges with barbell behind the neck
Even-numbered minutes: Reverse lunges with barbell behind in front rack

Basically 5 rounds. I completed sets @ 95, 95, 100, 105, & 115#. I love lunges. Unlike many folks, I don’t feel sore the day after I do lunges.

Tuesday, October 7

Barbell Club! Yay!

A: Back Squat (10, 8, 6, 6, 4, 3, 2)
As he knew I’d ask, James instructed us to begin @ 65% and work up to 90% of 1RM. My current (although I don’t think accurate) 1RM is 240.
I completed 10 reps @ 155, 9 @ 170, 6 @ 180, another 6 @ 180, 4 @ 190, & 3 @ 205. The lifts felt good, and James provided positive feedback. He and I had a discussion about what weight I should use for last set of 2 @ 90%, as that weight would be 215. As 3 @ 205 felt good, James said it was up to me if I wanted to go as heavy as 225. So I went for it, and rather easily squatted 225 not once but twice.
I think I’m getting stronger.
That’s 94% of 1RM.
B: Snatch Grip Push Press
The back of my neck was sore from back squats, and receiving the bar from behind the neck push presses made it that much worse. I completed sets @ 65, 70, 80, 85, 90, 95, & 105. This was fun!
Snatch Grip Deadlift + High Pull
I completed sets @ 100, 105, 110, 115, & 125. James does a very good job of explaining the “why.”
Metcon (Time)
300m Row
21 Power Snatch
12 C2B pull-ups
This was very similar to last last Monday’s WOD. Uhm, I think I like 65# hang power snatches better than 75# power snatches. Again, 75# is more than half of my bodyweight. Again, dammit.
It was much fun working out beside Jeff, as he pushes me. I was the first off of the rower, but Jeff finished not too far behind me. I began power snatches and did about 10 unbroken. Jeff completed a hell of a lot of very fast reps, and easily left me in his dust. He was the first to begin chest to bar pull-ups.
Uhm, but I can quickly complete 12 unbroken pull-ups, and that’s just what I did. As I was approaching rower I looked at James and said, “At least I’m good at one thing.” I was once again the first off of the rower and this time Jeff and I finished snatches at about the same time. I completed pull-ups in reps of 6, 3, & 3. I had rowed 100m before Jeff began rowing and then had completed about 7 or so snatches before he began snatching. I completed pull-ups in reps of 4 and then 2s. I finished in 12:59.
James told us the time cap was 25 minutes. He may have been kidding.
I’ve decided I’m less mean and more impatient. Few things bother me more than when someone dawdles and then makes others wait, as this behavior demonstrates disrespect and disregard for others.


First, Paleo dieting continues to go well. We shopped at Whole Foods yesterday and I purchased ghee. And $150 worth of other groceries. Eating clean is expensive.

Friday, October 3

PC: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Block 1
9 Thrusters
27 Double/Single Unders
Block 2
11 Thrusters
33 Double/Single Unders
Block 3
13 Thrusters
39 Double/Single Unders

This was the 4th workout of the Paleo Challenge and it did not go well for a couple of reasons. 1: The barbell club leaves me exhausted. 2. The barbell club leaves me exhausted.

I woke up with sore abs, of all things. Me? Sore abs? How the hell does that happen? I wisely decided to lift 75 instead of 95#. I was 20 double unders shy of completing block 3. Uhm, my goal was to complete block 3. Uhm, I fell apart.

Yet the Paleo Challenge continues…

Saturday, October 5

I did not rest, as Rona was taking pics and I selfishly wanted more action shots of, you know, me. I did, however, take it relatively easy. To ensure that I didn’t overdo it, I completed the workout solo. It was a full house, with about 25 in attendance.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

– Air squats / Weighted air squats / Jumping weighted air squats (45/25) / Barbell squats (95/63)
– Pushups / Weighted pushups (45/25) / Clapping pushups / HSPUs
– Ring rows / Pull-ups / C2B pull-ups / Muscle ups or strick pull-ups
– Abmat sit-ups / Weighted sit-ups / T2B / GHD sit-ups or strict T2B
– Lunges / Weighted lunges (45/25) / Jumping lunges (45/25) / Barbell lunges (95/63)

Tabataish. I began with weighted air squats, using the 45# rucksack and completing 51 reps. Not bad. I next completed 17 HSPUs, beginning with 11 unbroken. For a change of pace I completed strict ring pull-ups, i.e., no kipping. Even though it wasn’t in the correct order, I moved to GHD sit-ups (as the machines were available) and completed 40 reps followed by 20 strict T2B and 33 GHD back extensions.

For the next round I completed 39 jumping air squats, again using the rucksack, 45 reps of parallete pushups or pass throughs (yup, Rona was taking pics), 31 strict toes through rings, and 22 C2B pull-ups. Angie joined me whilst I was completing 2nd round of GHD sit-ups, and it was fun to have someone challenging me. I completed 39 reps, just 1 shy or reps completed 1st round. To end with a challenging activity, I completed 24 reps of 95# forward lunges.

Score = 376

Rona has taken some spectacular pictures, and I’m looking very forward to seeing what she captured.

Sunday, October 5

Barbell Club! Yay!

A: Front Squat (1 and 1/4s)
I love front squats. My goal was to complete last set @ 80% of 1RM, and I did that, completed sets of 3 reps at 165, 170, 175, 175, & 180#.
B: Power clean & jerk (Work to heavy single in 7 min)
I started light and didn’t get very heavy, working up to just 145#. My brain is protecting my body, specifically my shoulders, so I struggle with the jerk. Dammit.
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
Forged Tabata
8 sets :20 work & :10 rest; rest 1 minute between tabatas
Do all 8 sets of each movement before moving on
1) Power clean 115#
2) KBS 70#
3) Ring dips
4) Burpees
Wow, this was tough. I was truly hoping that James would let me go lighter on PCs (and make Jeff and Thom go heavier), but he didn’t buy my argument, saying “The power cleans may be light for Jeff, but the ring dips will be light for you.” Sound argument. I offered to complete weighted ring dips. James didn’t bite. Dammit.
Jeff and I worked out near each other, although my back was to him for all but the burpees. I surprised myself with PCs, completing a total of 40 (to Jeff’s 45). As time went on, I got better at opening my hips and receiving the bar. Uhm, 70# American KB swings are tough, and I only completed the first 3 rounds unbroken. I then completed swings for 10 seconds, rested 5, and completed swings the last 5 seconds. This worked well, and I completed a total of 45 swings (to Jeff’s 42).
Ah, ring dips, how I love thee. I completed as many as 10 unbroken out of the gate, and completed many singles during last 4 rounds, completing a total of 56 rings dips. That’s a lot of f@cking ring dips.
I positioned myself in front of the fan for burpees and Jeff positioned himself to my left. We both completed 8 reps the 1st round. Jeff asked, “Was that 8 reps?” I replied, “Yes.” And we continued. I thought, “Jeff’s going to try to keep up with me. On burpees.” He wasn’t able to do so. I completed no less than 7 reps a round and made sure that I completed 8 reps that last round, completing a total 58 reps. Uhm, I don’t know how many rind dips or burpees Jeff completed (and I didn’t ask, you know, because I’m nice and sh!t).
Total = 199, 1 rep shy of 200. Dammit. Had I known I was that close to 200 I would’ve completed another rep of something.
KB swings were the most difficult, followed by PCs. Burpees were the easiest, followed by ring dips.
FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender-3
Luke resting. Me, “I love Free Fall Kill Cliff so much that I’d make love to it. If only the opening weren’t so sharp.”

Caloric Intake

Wednesday, October 1

Tuesday’s edition of the Barbell Club left me spent. I briefly contemplated attempting “Grace,” but after attempting just 1 clean @ 115# I wisely decided to not attempt the benchmark workout. I instead completed Tuesday’s metcon

Run 400m
21 SDHPs @ 75#
18 barbell facing burpees

My goal was to complete all rounds unbroken, and I achieved this goal. Luke ran with me all 3 rounds, and he did slow me down somewhat. He was in quite a sniffy mood.

I forgot to remove my glasses and they did slip down my nose whilst completing SDHPs.

Time = 12:50

Thursday, October 2

I joined the endurance athletes for an awesome fartlek run at American Tobacco Trail. Oh, how I love coaching running! Oh, how I love running!

I attended Barbell Club, and what a “fun” session it was.

A1: Press (5, 5, 3, 3, 2, 1)
A2: Ring Rows (@ 20×1) 
The ring rows were easy, and I completed 9 each round with feet elevated on 20″ box, i.e., parallel to ground at bottom of row. Rows were easy. Presses were more difficult.
5 @ 95 & 105, 3 @ 115 & 120, 2 @ 125 & again @ 125, & 1 @ 130 — and that’s 93% of 1RM.
I wore my Rouge weightlifting belt, and during the first round of presses it fell to my waist. I had to tighten it a notch.
B: Power Snatch (Work to heavy TNG in 8 min)
This was tough. I completed 3 reps @ 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, and 110#, just 5# shy of 1RM.
C1: Pendlay Row (@ 31×1)
C2: RDL (@ 41x)
I kept 110# on the bar. Jeff, Thom, and I completed RDLs in unison, much like synchronized swimmers. ‘Twas a sight to behold.
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
5-min AMRAP
5 power snatch & 10 wall ball
5 min rest
5-min AMRAP
5 power snatch & 10 wall ball
James decided that I’d use 30# wall ball. Dammit. I power snatched 110 and then 85#. Too heavy the first round and too light the second round. The wall ball felt like it weighed 135#, and I missed quite a few reps. I honestly have no idea how many rounds or reps I completed, I just know that it sucked. Every second of it. I was, however, finally able to open my hips during 2nd AMRAP, and was pleased to hear James say, “Open your hips. You’ll know when you get it.” I knew he was talking to me.
I made sure to eat lots and lots of food today, so that I wouldn’t crash and burn. And it worked! The Paleo Challenge workout is tomorrow, and it’s going to be tough.
I’ve been accused of being mean. Yup, mean.