Capacity Retest

FullSizeRender-19The Paleo Challenge is sadly coming to a close. Today was redid the first workout, the Capacity Test, that we completed September 16. I was quite anxious prior to the start. Jeff was kind enough to record (and I’m glad that he did as I lost count of reps on more than one occasion). I set specific goals for calories/reps, and met all but 1 of those goals. Dammit.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

4 Minutes – Row for Calories
1 Minute Rest
3 Minutes – Chest to Bar Pull Ups
1 Minute Rest
2 Minutes – 165# Back Squat
1 Minute Rest
1 Minute – 135# Shoulder to Overhead

My previous scores were 68 calories, 35 C2B pull-ups, 21 BS, and 6 S20.

I did much better with C2B, better with BS, slightly better with rowing, and worse with S2O. I probably shouldn’t have completed push presses yesterday.

I set damper to 6 and rowed just 2 calories more than previous attempt, i.e., 70 calories. Well, okay then. I began with 10 unbroken C2B pull-ups, and then completed in reps of between 5 and the last single. I completed 25 BS, racking the bar about 3 or 4 times. S2O were miserable. I completed 3, 1, and then really fought for the last rep. I still had plenty of time but just didn’t have enough left to even power clean the bar. Uhm, I should’ve learned that lesson.

Score = 141; 10 pt improvement.


Dianne has agreed to be my partner for SuperFit Challenge in January! How awesome is that?

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