Saturdays are made for Team Workouts

Saturday, October 11

I was randomly partnered with Danielle and Bonnie! Yay! We communicated well.

Metcon (Time)

– 800m sled pull (135/90) (100m intervals)
– 200 sledgehammer swings (10 swings/turn & 1 member at a time)
– 100 medicine ball tosses over Speal bar (10 tosses/turn/pair)
– 50 10m shuttle sprint + box jump over + box jump over + 10m shuttle sprint (relay)
– 50 “high five” partner burpees (2/member)
– Row 1600m (200 intervals & 1 rower/team)
– 5 300# tire flips
Teams may complete in any order, but once an activity is begun it must be completed.

We began with row, and I rowed first. I averaged about 1:47/500m each time I rowed. We then completed sled pulls. I carried 45# first 200m and then pulled the sled 100m. I rested, setting down plate, as Danielle and Bonnie took turns pulling the sled. The next 100m was uphill, and I walked backwards as I pulled the sled up and around hill. Bonnie was kind enough to carry plate as I walked 100m. So that Bonnie and Danielle didn’t have to pull the sled 3 times I pulled the sled the last 100m, again uphill. Gah! that last 100m was tough. We flipped the tire 5 times. It was much easier as a team than it was solo. Imagine that! We then completed 200 sledgehammer swings 10 reps at a time and then 100 med ball tosses 10 reps at a time. We got into a very good groove.

High five burpees were fun! We completed 2 at a time, the first with 1 and the second with the other partner. We did have some difficulty positioning ourselves, but eventually figured it out. We finished with shuttle sprints and burpee box jump overs, and I jumped and twisted. ‘Twas fun! We finished in 39:26.

The time went very quickly, and this was one of the most fun team workouts we’ve done!

FullSizeRender-5 FullSizeRender-7FullSizeRender-8

Sunday, October 12

Barbell Club!

A: Front Squat (Work to heaviest set of 3 @22×1)
Count of 2 on descent, count of 2 for hold at bottom, count of 1 for ascent. Sh!t got heavy. I completed final set @ 200#, close to 90% of 1RM.
B: Metcon (Weight)
12 Min EMOM
1 power snatch
1 hang snatch
Gah, more snatches! After watching “Gone Girl” last night, I’m very tired of snatches. I worked up to 100#, 87% of PS 1RM.

4 Sets

C1: Handstand Push-ups (Strict 3-5)
C2: Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups
James told us we could complete kipping HSPUs if needed. I completed 4 strict + 1 kipping pull-up the first round. I then completed 5 strict the 2nd round and James said, “You can complete more than 5 handstand pushups if you’d like.” I took it as a challenge, and completed 6 and 7 strict HSPUs the last 2 rounds. I completed 7 strict and unbroken chest to bar pull-ups all 4 rounds. James did mention that pull-ups need not be unbroken. Ha! Where’s the challenge?
Metcon (Time)
5 sets, each for time
20 cal row
20 wall ball shots (20)
Rest 3 mins between sets
This was tough. I set the damper to 4 1/2 and rowed about a calorie per stroke, keeping strokes/minute in upper teens. I then completed 10 unbroken wall balls. Time = 1:54. Prior to the second round James said, “The row should be a sprint.” I described my approach, i.e., low strokes/minute, and he encouraged me to sprint. So that’s what I did, keeping the strokes above 30/minute. I also completed another 10 unbroken wall ball shots. Time = 1:47. That was my fastest round. For remaining rounds I continued to sprint as I rowed and even increased damper setting. I said, “I’m wearing my WWJD bracelet. Before any workout I ask myself, ‘What would James do?'” I completed last 3 rounds of wall ball shots in reps of 10, 6, & 4. The last 4 reps were nightmarish. Remaining times were 1:58, 2:07, and 2:04, for a total time of 9:50.
Thom grumbled about the monitor of the rower turning off before the run. I said, “Thom, you need merely stroke a few times and it will turn on. Just like Evelyn.”
I’m a funny guy.

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