Thirty-nine reps

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Monday, October 6

My abs were somewhat sore, you know, from 70 GHD sit-ups. I tried one V-up and wisely decided to not complete metcon. I’m just that smart.

Floor Press (5 reps @ 60, 65, & 70% of 1RM)

I completed sets @ 120, 130, & 140#. Deload is delightful.

Metcon (No Measure)

EMOTM for 10 minutes; complete 3 reps/leg
Odd-numbered minutes: Forward lunges with barbell behind the neck
Even-numbered minutes: Reverse lunges with barbell behind in front rack

Basically 5 rounds. I completed sets @ 95, 95, 100, 105, & 115#. I love lunges. Unlike many folks, I don’t feel sore the day after I do lunges.

Tuesday, October 7

Barbell Club! Yay!

A: Back Squat (10, 8, 6, 6, 4, 3, 2)
As he knew I’d ask, James instructed us to begin @ 65% and work up to 90% of 1RM. My current (although I don’t think accurate) 1RM is 240.
I completed 10 reps @ 155, 9 @ 170, 6 @ 180, another 6 @ 180, 4 @ 190, & 3 @ 205. The lifts felt good, and James provided positive feedback. He and I had a discussion about what weight I should use for last set of 2 @ 90%, as that weight would be 215. As 3 @ 205 felt good, James said it was up to me if I wanted to go as heavy as 225. So I went for it, and rather easily squatted 225 not once but twice.
I think I’m getting stronger.
That’s 94% of 1RM.
B: Snatch Grip Push Press
The back of my neck was sore from back squats, and receiving the bar from behind the neck push presses made it that much worse. I completed sets @ 65, 70, 80, 85, 90, 95, & 105. This was fun!
Snatch Grip Deadlift + High Pull
I completed sets @ 100, 105, 110, 115, & 125. James does a very good job of explaining the “why.”
Metcon (Time)
300m Row
21 Power Snatch
12 C2B pull-ups
This was very similar to last last Monday’s WOD. Uhm, I think I like 65# hang power snatches better than 75# power snatches. Again, 75# is more than half of my bodyweight. Again, dammit.
It was much fun working out beside Jeff, as he pushes me. I was the first off of the rower, but Jeff finished not too far behind me. I began power snatches and did about 10 unbroken. Jeff completed a hell of a lot of very fast reps, and easily left me in his dust. He was the first to begin chest to bar pull-ups.
Uhm, but I can quickly complete 12 unbroken pull-ups, and that’s just what I did. As I was approaching rower I looked at James and said, “At least I’m good at one thing.” I was once again the first off of the rower and this time Jeff and I finished snatches at about the same time. I completed pull-ups in reps of 6, 3, & 3. I had rowed 100m before Jeff began rowing and then had completed about 7 or so snatches before he began snatching. I completed pull-ups in reps of 4 and then 2s. I finished in 12:59.
James told us the time cap was 25 minutes. He may have been kidding.
I’ve decided I’m less mean and more impatient. Few things bother me more than when someone dawdles and then makes others wait, as this behavior demonstrates disrespect and disregard for others.

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