Caloric Intake

Wednesday, October 1

Tuesday’s edition of the Barbell Club left me spent. I briefly contemplated attempting “Grace,” but after attempting just 1 clean @ 115# I wisely decided to not attempt the benchmark workout. I instead completed Tuesday’s metcon

Run 400m
21 SDHPs @ 75#
18 barbell facing burpees

My goal was to complete all rounds unbroken, and I achieved this goal. Luke ran with me all 3 rounds, and he did slow me down somewhat. He was in quite a sniffy mood.

I forgot to remove my glasses and they did slip down my nose whilst completing SDHPs.

Time = 12:50

Thursday, October 2

I joined the endurance athletes for an awesome fartlek run at American Tobacco Trail. Oh, how I love coaching running! Oh, how I love running!

I attended Barbell Club, and what a “fun” session it was.

A1: Press (5, 5, 3, 3, 2, 1)
A2: Ring Rows (@ 20×1) 
The ring rows were easy, and I completed 9 each round with feet elevated on 20″ box, i.e., parallel to ground at bottom of row. Rows were easy. Presses were more difficult.
5 @ 95 & 105, 3 @ 115 & 120, 2 @ 125 & again @ 125, & 1 @ 130 — and that’s 93% of 1RM.
I wore my Rouge weightlifting belt, and during the first round of presses it fell to my waist. I had to tighten it a notch.
B: Power Snatch (Work to heavy TNG in 8 min)
This was tough. I completed 3 reps @ 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, and 110#, just 5# shy of 1RM.
C1: Pendlay Row (@ 31×1)
C2: RDL (@ 41x)
I kept 110# on the bar. Jeff, Thom, and I completed RDLs in unison, much like synchronized swimmers. ‘Twas a sight to behold.
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
5-min AMRAP
5 power snatch & 10 wall ball
5 min rest
5-min AMRAP
5 power snatch & 10 wall ball
James decided that I’d use 30# wall ball. Dammit. I power snatched 110 and then 85#. Too heavy the first round and too light the second round. The wall ball felt like it weighed 135#, and I missed quite a few reps. I honestly have no idea how many rounds or reps I completed, I just know that it sucked. Every second of it. I was, however, finally able to open my hips during 2nd AMRAP, and was pleased to hear James say, “Open your hips. You’ll know when you get it.” I knew he was talking to me.
I made sure to eat lots and lots of food today, so that I wouldn’t crash and burn. And it worked! The Paleo Challenge workout is tomorrow, and it’s going to be tough.
I’ve been accused of being mean. Yup, mean.

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