Strong start, weak finish

I spent the day working on the new and vastly improved website. It’s looking awesome!

Barbell Club

I truly enjoy James’ coaching, and I look forward (as I dread) each session.

A: Front Squat 5×5
James told us to go heavy, so heavy I went. James and I went forth and back about starting weight, as I always think in terms of percentages of 1RM. He makes a valid point in that he wants some folks who might not know just how strong they are (I’m talking about you, Evelyn) to go heavy enough to make gains.
I know my capabilities. I truly do.
I began at 65% of 1RM and completed sets of 5 reps @ 145, 150, 160, 185, and then 4 reps @ 220#, 88% of 1RM. Why that heavy? Because James encouraged me to do so. He said, “Even if you don’t get all 5 reps and fail, that’s okay. Try 3 at 90%.” I really struggled on the 4th rep, but there was no way that I going to fail. I knew, however, that I didn’t have a 5th rep. I was feeling strong.
And then I got very light-headed. I’m craving carbs. Yup, the Paleo diet is taking its toll on me. Perhaps.
B: Clean and Jerk (Not TNG; mod to heavy weight)
I completed sets at 95, 115, 125, & 135. Uhm, yeah, so I push pressed one of the reps at 135#. It’s hard for me not to think, “I’m attempting to jerk just a little less than my body weight over my head.”
My very good friend May said that my form was spectacular. And as always, she’s right! (Inside joke, ladies and gentlemen.) James did compliment clean form, but not jerk form.
C: Metcon (Time)
21 Thrusters
21 Pull-ups
15 C and J
15 C2B pull-ups
9  Squat snatches
9  MU or 2 C2B pull-ups + 1 ring dip
I was not looking forward to this. Again, I was feeling very light-headed and weak. Dammit. I briefly contemplated 105 (very close to power snatch 1RM). James observed and suggested 105 for everything but snatch. I said, “I’ll stick with 95 for everything.” I should’ve snatched 85 instead of 95. Dammit.
I completed thrusters in reps of 11, 7, & 3. I was already winded. I completed 21 unbroken pull-ups (with Janet watching me the entire time). Fifteen C&Js one at a time. I was very ready to quit. I thought, “If 95# feels this heavy now, how the f@ck am I going to be able to snatch this over my head?” Chest to bar pull-ups in reps of 9 & 6. Then the dreaded snatches.
I completed power snatch and OHS, per approval of James. One. At. A. Time. James did observe and ensured that I squatted below parallel. He was very encouraging. I completed 4 unbroken muscle ups, felt a twinge in my right shoulder, completed 1 more muscle up, failed 2 attempts, and completed rings dips and chest to bar pull-ups.
I could barely focus, and honestly began to consider asking for a ride home.

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