I should know better…

I worked out at 8:30 am this morning, and Jeff was kind enough to lead the session.

We had arrived at 8 and I had every intention of warming up. That didn’t happen. As often does happen, I spent time before the session getting the box ready for the day.

OPT A: Metcon (Time)


Complete 10 reps of the following:

Power cleans (135)

Plate burpees (45)

Burpee bar pull-overs

Chest to bar pull-ups

Hip touches/side


Box jumps (33)

I completed 2 power cleans, failed the 3rd attempt in that I didn’t pull myself under the bar, completed the 3rd rep and failed the 4th. Decision-making time. I thought, “Too many clean & jerks and snatches in the very recent past. Either skip the cleans altogether or lower the weight.”

I moved onto the plate burpees. No problems there. I moved onto the burpee bar pull-overs. Minor problems and I missed 2 reps. I have to constantly remind myself to kip BIG. I moved onto chest to bar pull-ups and completed is 2 sets of 5 reps, even missing the very 1st rep. WTF? I began to think that things might not go so well today. I knew I wasn’t going to complete 5 rounds. I set my goal to complete 3.

I completed hip touches, HSPUs, and box jumps unbroken. Well, okay then. Maybe things weren’t as bleak as I had begun to imagine.

I yelled to Jeff and asked him to bring me 35# plates. He must have heard “plate” as that’s all he got for me. Uhm, why would I need just 1 plate? Perhaps he thought I was going to lower the weight for plate burpees or height for box jumps. Remind me to ask him.

Anyhow, I slowly and painstakingly retrieved a plate and put 2, 35# plates on the ends of the barbell. I then completed 16 power cleans @ 115#. And the weight felt light. Uhm, I’m confident that I could’ve completed 135# power cleans if I had only warmed up more effectively. Dammitdammitdammitdammit.

With the exception of the 2nd round of C2B pull-ups (reps of 6 & 4) and the last round of hip touches (reps of 5 as my hands slipped off of the bar) I completed all remaining rounds of activities unbroken. even burpee pull overs. And I learned something about burpee pull overs. Nope, I’m not sharing.

I completed 4 rounds in about 42 minutes. Wow, that was tough!

The Paleo Challenge continues to go well. I’m all in. As my mother always said, “If you’re going to do something half-assed, don’t do it all.”

My time was an estimated 42 minutes. IMG_0086

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