Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens!

There are indeed a few of my favorite things: Luke, running, and burpees.

I worked out at 8:30. I led the warmup and then Jeff coached the session. 

Athletes were presented 3 options, and I chose the most difficult of the 3. I set a goal to complete in fewer than 45 minutes, run continuously, and to complete all rounds of burpees unbroken. I achieved all 3 goals. I asked Jeff, “Are you proud of me for completing all of the rounds unbroken?” He replied, “I’m not not proud of you.” 

OPT A: Metcon (Time)

Run 200m carrying sandbag (45/25)

10 burpees over sandbag

Run 400m carrying sandbag

20 burpees over sandbag

Run 600m carrying sandbag
30 burpees over sandbag

Run 800m carrying sandbag
40 burpees over sandbag

Rest 2 minutes

Run 800m
40 6-count burpees
Run 600m

30 6-count burpees

Run 400m
20 6-count burpees

Run 200m

10 6-count burpees

2.5 mile run and 200 (100 sandbag and 100 6-count) burpees. Luke was particularly attentive today, and was as close as he could get to me as I did all rounds of burpees. He made me laugh! Janet and May also made me laugh. 

I completed the first half in 22:33, rested 2 minutes, and called time at 44:15. That’s a negative split, folks. Yes, I can run faster without carrying a 45# sandbag, but 6-count burpees take more time to complete than do sandbag burpees. I also did the round of 20 6-count burpees at a faster pace and the very last round of 10 6-count burpees as fast as I could. ‘Twas fun! 

My shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes were soaking wet. 

Luke being Luke.
Luke being Luke.
Luke closely monitoring my performance and May being May.
Luke closely monitoring my performance and May being May.


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