The Other Total

Zac says, "Be aggressive!"
Zac says, “Be aggressive!”
Luke hides his head as I overhead squat.
Luke hides his head as I overhead squat.

I coached the 8:30 am session, and it was a light crowd today. Uhm, just because there isn’t a metcon doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get in a good workout and work up a sweat. During Open Gym I practiced burpee pull-overs and ring and bar muscle ups.

I attended the 11 am session, led by Coach James. 

The Other Total (Total Weight)

Bench Press
Overhead Squat

After a 10-minute warmup, we began. I knew I’d have to work fast in order to complete the work in the remaining 50 minutes. And work fast I did! My goal was to achieve a 1RM for all three lifts. Sadly, this did not happen. Happily, I started and finished strong.

I’ve been stuck at 165# for a loooong time, so after completing a full squat clean at 155 I put 167# on the bar. And easily completed the lift. Yay! I then successfully cleaned 170#, but failed at 3 attempts at 170#, with the first attempt being the best of the 3. 

Bench Press
Kelly-May was kind enough to spot for me. I successfully bench pressed 185#, but failed at 1 attempt at 195#, 5# more than current 1RM. I felt a slight twinge in my right shoulder. Yup, my right shoulder. I called it a day.

Overhead Squat
Lifts felt heavy. I failed at 135#, so I lowered the weight to 130# and completed the lift. I put 142# on the bar, a mere 2# heavier than 1RM. I failed miserably at the first attempt. I rested 2 minutes, and attempted the lift again. The weight felt much lighter, and I was able to successfully complete the lift. Yay!

Total: 170+185+142=497

I think I can break 500.


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