Five Alive!

I seemed to have tweaked a muscle whilst demonstrating butterfly pull-ups during Tuesday’s 6:30 pm session. Dammit. I could barely raise my arm yesterday, so I immediately contacted Vincent at WODbody Massage, and he spent 40 minutes working his magic. Much, much better, but I certainly don’t have full range of motion. It hurts right there as I raise my left arm above my head. Thus, no pressing, overhead squats, burpees, pull-ups, pushups, etc., until I’m healed.

Rest. It does a body good.

I coached the 6 and 7 am sessions and then spent the rest of the day working on all things CrossFit Surmount-related. And I took a nap. I also had a lovely lunch with Evelyn, who has volunteered to help with with some logistical items, e.g., compiling a list of local competitions, preparing for next CrossFit Surmount competition, etc. Thom is one lucky man. A lucky man who wears skorts.

I attended the 4 pm session today.

Banded dead-lifts

I completed 3 sets of 135# dead-lifts, first with red then with purple and finally with green band. That sh!t got heavy.

Partner WOD
In teams of 2 or 3

25-min AMRAP; rest min 12-13
5 reps of the following:
– Knees to elbows 
– Bicycles (5/leg)
– Slam balls
– Goblet squats (53/35)
– KB lunge (5/leg)
— Row for calories
– Burpees*

GHD sit-ups
Sandbag squats (45#)
Box jumps (33″)
GHD back extensions
Sandbag lunges (5/leg)
Row calories
Banded dead-lifts (135# + green band)

This was just what I needed, i.e., a fast and furious yet not overly challenging workout. I worked up quite a sweat, and I wouldn’t have it another other way.

I missed one box jump in that I didn’t fully extend hips before jumping off of the box. This happened for no other reason than I lost focus for a moment. All others reps were completed unbroken, as it should be. So sayeth me.

This workout was nothing but legs and core. From least to most difficult: GHD sit-ups, rowing, squats, GHD back extensions lunges, box jumps, and dead-lifts.

If memory serves me, I had completed 4 rounds + 2 GHD sit-ups in the first 12 minutes before the 1-minute rest. I completed a total of 7 rounds and was 3 calories and 5 dead-lifts shy of completing 8. Not a negative split. That’s also not a negative sentence.

The wall mounts and keyboard tray and arm arrive tomorrow. I hope to have WODify up and running by early next week!


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