Trifecta, part 2

I wish the plates came in orange.
Pretty plates and squat below parallel (and nice ass).
Pretty plates and squat below parallel (and nice ass).
Luke watched every rep.
Luke watched every rep.

As Jeff had to leave early to travel to the airport yet again, I coached the 8:30 am session so that he could work out. He was kind enough to coach the Competitor WOD so that I could work out before coaching the 11 am  session.

Bodyweight back squat ladder (143#)
Rest 5 minutes
3/4 bodyweight push press ladder (107#)
Rest 5 minutes
1 1/2 bodyweight dead-lift ladder  (215#)

With a running clock, complete 1 bodyweight back squat at the top of the first minute, 2 BS at the top of the next minute, 3 BS at the top of the next minute, etc., until you are no longer able to complete required number of reps within the minute. Be sure to look at the clock and rest 5 minutes, as athletes may be completing the ladder at different times. After resting 5 minutes, complete 1 3/4 bodyweight PP at the top of the minute, 2 at the top of the next minute, etc, again, until you are no longer able to complete required reps within the minute. Again, rest 5 minutes before beginning 1 1/2 bodyweight dead-lift ladder.

This was a main site WOD that I was anxious to try. As I weigh between 140 and 143#, I made sure to base lifts on weight of 143#.

I don’t ever want to be accused of stevedodging sandbagging.

I used the brand spanking new competition plates. How colorful! Like me.

I’ve said it before, but I really mean it this time: I have never grunted (or sworn) so loudly whilst working out. Don’t believe me? Ask Jeff, Jay, May, and/or Ashlee.

I completed the first 2 rounds of each lift  based upon feeling alone, and then for the subsequent rounds I recorded the time it took me to complete requisite reps.

3 – 6
4 – 9
5 – 13
6 – 12
7 – 15
8 – 15
9 – 18
10 – 20
11 – 22
12 – 26
13 – 47
14 – 50

As you can see, I completed rounds 1 through 12 in unbroken reps. While I didn’t ever rack the bar, I certainly did shake out my legs between some reps. It also took me longer to, you know, stand up. I could’ve (and probably should’ve) attempted a 15th round, but I was fearful of the repercussions.

3 – 4
4 – 8
5 – 8
6 – 10
7 – 15
8 – 27
9 – 59

Can you say “muscle failure?” I was doing okay through round 7, but then had to rack the bar numerous times during rounds 8 & 9.

3 – 6
4 – 7
5 – 9
6 – 11
7 – 14
8 – 15
9 – 16
10 – 17
11 – 28
12 – 40
13 – 50
14 – 51

Once again, I completed rounds 1 through 10 in unbroken reps. My grip started to give — and the weight started to feel incredibly heavy — by round 11. Whilst completing round 13 I thought, “This is your last round, Paul. No need to lift anymore, even if 14 is your favorite number.” I completed the round, saw that I had 10 seconds to rest, and began round 14. The only reason that I finished in just 1 second more than round 13 was that I wanted it to be over.

I. Just wanted it. To be. Over.

Should I have attempted another round? Yes. Could I have completed another round? Likely. Would I have grunted loudly and sweated profusely while doing so? Yes. Most definitely, yes. And sworn.

Ladies and gentlemen and Thom, that’s 105 back squats, 45 push press, and 105 dead-lifts, all within 45 minutes including 10 minutes of rest.

That sh!t got heavy.



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