“I was on round 12.”


Coach Deborah led the 6 am session, and it was her first time doing so. Nice work, Deborah!

EMOTM for 10 minutes
Complete 3, 4, or 5 strict pull-ups

My lats are still somewhat sore from the 100 toes through rings and 120 grasshoppers I did Saturday. Dammit. I wisely chose to only do 3 reps a round. I completed ring pull-ups with 20# around my waist. Pull-ups felt surprisingly good today, and I completed all 10 sets in 3 unbroken reps. Yay!

18-15-12-9-6-3 dead-lifts (bodyweight)
3-6-9-12-15-18 weighted air squats (45)

My goal was to complete all rounds unbroken, and I achieved this goal. But it wasn’t easy.

I dead-lifted 145#. The first set of 18 reps felt light, the last set of 3 reps felt extremely heavy. The weighted air squats were a welcome relief between dead-lifts.

As I often do for workouts like this, I set my psychological goal to reach 3 less than required reps. For example, I set my goal to complete 15 reps during the first set of 18, knowing that I could then will myself to complete another 3. And it worked. Twelve for the round of 15, 9 for the round of 12, and 6 for the round of 9.

‘Twas a fast and furious workout! I called time at 4:31.

It took my counterparts a little longer to complete.

Unbeknownst to me, Nicholas had written “WTF” beside my time. Haha! Holly said, “You called time when I was on my round of 12 dead-lifts.”

I. Just. Don’t. Stop.

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