Fourteen is my favorite number.


I worked out with the 6 am athletes, you know, because it’s Monday and all.

Strict pull-ups
5 rounds for max reps
Work 45 seconds and rest 1:15 between rounds (8:45 total time)

As I wore a 13# KB around my waist last week, I increased the weight to 18#. My goal was to complete 5 reps a round. Things didn’t start off very well in that, while I did complete 5 reps, I failed at an additional 2 reps. Dammit. I decided to rest a little longer between reps. I completed 7, 6, 6, & 6 reps the remaining rounds, failing on a rep the fourth round. That’s a total of 30 reps, 5 more than goal, so I’m pleased.

Or should I have worn a heavier KB around my waist? Should I have?

Hollow rock hold
3 reps for maximum accumulated time (up to 1 minute per rep)

I saw some less than hollow and more like shitty rocks. I generally do a good job of biting my tongue, and I did so this morning. Uhm, arms above your head just hovering off of the floor, not with hands at a 90 degree angle from chest.

Oh, I held hollow rock for 40, 30, & 30 seconds. Yup, that 1:40. Even I can do that math.

5-min AMRAP
5 bent over rows*
5 windshield wipers (left to right to left = 1 rep)
Rest 1 minute
5-min AMRAP
5 sumo dead-lift high pulls*
5 planks alternating arms/forearms (left and right = 1 rep)
Rest 1 minute
4-minute AMRAP
Double unders

*Guidelines for weights:
< 75-100 | 75/45
101-125 | 85/53
126-150 | 95/63
151-175 | 105/73
>175 | 115/83

As I knew windshield wipers and planks alternating arms would present little challenge, I increased the weight of bent over rows and SHDPs to 115. Yup, 115. Not 1o0, not 105, not 110, but 115. That’s Rx++.

I completed all rounds of activities unbroken, and generally transitioned from one activity to the next.

Scores: 11 (0r possibly 12, but let’s go with 11) + 5 reps, 7 + 5 reps, and 210 double unders.

Double unders were tough today,  as I was quite winded by the time we started. And a one-minute rest just wasn’t enough. My goal was to complete 200 reps, so I was pleased that I got an additional 10. I completed 50 unbroken at the most. Whew.

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