Not your typical Sunday

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I coached the 8:30 and 11 WODs and worked out at 9:45.

With a running clock, take 10 minutes to establish negative handstand pushup

I upped the ante and decided to complete strict HSPUs. I was able to complete 1 rep @ 14″ and failed at 16″.

Run or row 1K
50 burpees + 2 lateral parallette hops
Run or row 1K
50 dead-lifts (205)
Run or row 1K

As I knew rowing would be easier than running, I chose to run. It was very hot and humid, but hey, it’s July in NC.

I ran a slow 1K in 4:02. In retrospect I should’ve gone faster; however, I kept thinking about the upcoming burpees and dead-lifts. Particularly dead-lifts.

I completed 50 unbroken burpees + 2 lateral parallette hops. I did not look at the clock, as I didn’t want to know how slow the next 1K run was going to be. While running I kept thinking, “Just 5 reps at a time. Just 5 reps at a time.”

I know not why, but dead-lifts went much better than expected. Math went as excepted, i.e., not well. I completed 20 unbroken dead-lifts and paused. I was breathing heavily and sweating even more heavily. I completed another 15 unbroken dead-lifts putting the total at 35. I then completed another 10 unbroken dead-lifts and while doing so noticed Liz taking pictures. Yay! That put total at 45.

Uhm, when I began the final round the first number I counted in my head was 41. I immediately thought, “This should be my last five. Why did I just count 41 instead of 46? Did I once again count wrong? Shit, that means I’ve got 9 instead of 4 reps left.” Yup, I completed 55 dead-lifts. Dammit.

I had to will myself to run. I contemplated walking but did not do so.

Time = 22:48



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