“You have very long arms.”

Paul sandwich.
Paul sandwich.

Jeff and I continued our tour of the local CFs. Today we visited CrossFit Carolina Beach, and my very good friend Jay joined us! The owner, Brock, led the 12:30 session.

We had breakfast at 8 and then spent the morning on Kure beach. My stomach was growling as 12:30 approached.

Again, I’m spoiled in that CrossFit Surmount has a large workout area, ample equipment, and is (with the doors open) ventilated.

15 toes to bar
15 wall ball shots (20#/10′)
15 ring dips
15 box jumps (24″)

Brock led us through a good warm up, described movement standards and scaling options, and suggested that we complete a few reps of each of the activities. As there were but 3 sets of rings and 5 athletes using them, we had a staggered start. I suggested that I set up a pair of rings on the pull-ups rig (on the Speal bar!) and complete toes to bar and ring dips there. This may not have been the wisest decision, as I often had to rearrange the rings — and I lost time doing so. (Uhm, if the coach says complete toes to bar facing the outside of the pull-up rig, please do so. Uhm, were you trying to kick me? Uhm, your feeble attempt at slowing me down didn’t work. Uhm, I don’t like cheaters.)

My goal was go complete wall ball shots and box jumps unbroken. Given the number of toes to bar and strict pul-ups I’ve done in the past couple of days, I knew toes to bar and ring dips were going to be a struggle today.

Brock said, “Most people should complete this workout within nine to 14 minutes.” Well, okay then, I had another goal: complete the workout in less than 9 minutes.

I completed rounds of wall ball shots and box jumps unbroken. The wall ball evidently had a tear, and I kept getting sand in my eyes. I completed the first two rounds of toes to bar unbroken as well. Read that again. Fifteen unbroken and kipping toes to bar two times. Brock was keeping a watchful eye on me, and did compliment my form. I completed the last round of toes to bar in 8 unbroken and kipping reps and then singles, although I remained on the bar.

I completed ring dips in sets of between eight (first round) and four (last round) reps. My traps are sore, sore, sore.

As I was transitioning from toes to bar to wall ball shots the last round Brock said, “You have very long arms.” “Yes,” I replied. “That can either work for you or against you,” Brock said. “Yes,” I once again replied.

I wasn’t about to stop and carry on a conversation. I had work to do!

I was the first to finish in a time of 8:31. Jay and Jeff tied at 10:21. On the way to lunch Jeff said, “You’re incredibly strong. I don’t often tell you that.” He doesn’t often tell me that for fear that ding so will make my head swell.

Everyone knows I’m modestly awesome and awesomely modest.

Snatch grip dead-lift
5 sets 

We were instructed to work up to a set that felt to be 90% effort. Jeff and I shared a bar, although I lifted heavier weights. I completed sets at 185, 205, 215, and 225#.

I grunted. So did Jay. In this particular instance Jay won, as he grunted the loudest. Good job, Jay!


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