Running is kind of my thing…

Monday, June 30

I attended the 6 am session. I’ll begin by saying that I’m truly enjoying working out with the 6 am athletes. Today was particularly enjoyable, as I not only got to partner with Nicholas for the strength but also got to race him during the conditioning!

EMOTM until failure
1 press + 1 push press + 1 power jerk, increasing weight 5# until unable to complete press

Minimum starting weight:

  • < 75-100 | 75/43
  • 101-125 | 80/48
  • 126-150 | 85/53
  • 151-175 | 90/58
  • >175 | 95/63

As Nicholas is a slightly heavier than I am, we began at 90#. I made it to 135#, and was the last person working for the last 2 or 3 rounds. ‘Twas nice to be encouraged by my fellow CrossFitters! The press at 135# was a struggle, and I don’t know that I would’ve had a successful rep if not for the encouragement I received.

Or maybe it was the fear of failure. Ha!

Run 400m
30 toes to bar
30/leg lunges
20 toes to bar
20/leg lunges
10 toes to bar
10/leg lunges
Run 400m

Luke and I got a 5-second head start, so that Luke wouldn’t attempt to trip folks. Or bite them.

I completed toes to bar as Nicholas completed, well, attempts at knees to elbows. He did, however, kip. Good job, Nicholas! Toes to bar were difficult, as I was still sore from GHD sit-ups on Friday and Abmat sit-ups on Saturday. I nonetheless completed 12 unbroken reps out of the gate. I often, however, completed single reps, although I didn’t drop from the bar between reps. I also completed 7 unbroken and kipping reps the last round.

I completed all rounds of lunges unbroken, mixing up reverse and forward lunges.

Uhm, yeah, so I was completing lunges very quickly, and I noticed that first Nicholas and then Steve attempted to keep up with me. Attempted.

I began the final 4oom run, once again with Luke in tow, and Nicholas was hot on our heels. I kept having to cajole Luke to stay with me, as he really wanted to bite Nicholas.

Who doesn’t?

Time = 9:46

Tuesday, July 1

Vacation! Yay! I slept until 7:30 am, and that’s very late. I felt a little guilty. Jeff and I had breakfast at iHop, I had oiled changed, car vacuumed, and eyebrows waxed, and we were on our way! We spent a relaxing afternoon on the beach. The water temperate was perfect, the riptides were a little strong.

We then went to CrossFit Port City. We introduced ourselves to the coach, Zach, warmed up on our own, and then joined two others for the 6 pm workout.

The warmup consisted of 15 Russian KB swings, 10m of walking lunges, 5 burpees, 10m of lunges, and another 15 KB swings.

Power clean and hang power clean

Zach led us through very good drills — those we both learned in the Olympic Weightlifting certification. This gave me great comfort. We were then given 20 minutes to work up to heaviest power clean and hand clean.

I power cleaned 155 and hang cleaned 155,. I attempted 165 — and got the power clean but failed the hang clean. Uhm, 165 if my clean 1RM, so it’s now my power clean 1RM as well. I don’t know why, exactly, but I was feeling particularly strong today.

15-min AMRAP
Max reps unbroken dead-hang pull-ups
Run 300m

CFPC has a small pull-up rig, with no Speal bar. I’m spoiled, I know. While there were but four of us working out, there were many others doing their own things. The pull-up rig often got crowded, and on more than one occasion I had to ask someone to provide space for me.

For the run, we had to jump off a a loading dock, run to start/finish of 300m course, run to STOP sign, run back to finish/start, and then jump up to workout space. I’d estimate that the distance was longer than 300m.

Now comes the fun part. I had no idea if I completed 7 or 8 rounds of pull-ups. I kept track of reps per round, instead of keeping a running count, and recorded on small whiteboard using thick marker. I completed 12, 10, and 9 reps. I then completed either two or three rounds of 7 reps. I finished with 2 rounds of 6 reps.

I know that I lapped folks on the runs, and Jeff says he completed seven rounds. It’s likely, then, that I completed eight.

However, when in doubt, record the fewest number of reps: 57. Or 64. Let’s say 57 reps.

I do recall that 13 minutes had passed when I began my last 300m run. I sprinted, and entered the box with just 30 seconds remaining.

Uhm, it doesn’t take me 90 seconds to run 300m. I completed the very last rep — and the last rep that I could’ve completed — when time ran out.

My pull-ups were strict. Just saying.


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