As Coach Liz was unavailable today, I coached the 9:45 and 11 sessions and Jeff led the 8:30 session. Yay! I like working out in the morning, particularly when the weather is a cool sub-70 degrees.

Yesterday we hosted the inaugural CrossFit Surmount Games, and it was a HUGE success. Yay!

Six seems to be the number, as there were six female and male competitors yesterday, and six athletes attended each of the three sessions this morning.

One of the athletes who attended the 8:30 session was my very good friend, Jay. He’s a very strong athlete and competitor, and it was much fun working out with him. He certainly pushed me to work harder than I typically would have!

We completed the first three of yesterday’s events. Unlike yesterday, however, folks were allowed to complete as prescribed. That was the good part. The bad part was that folks also had to set up their own equipment and count their own reps.

Front squat
Warm up for 5 minutes and then, with a running clock, take 5 minutes to establish 3RM

It’s been years since I’ve attempted lifts with a time constraint component. And I liked it. I warmed up to 165#, and then completed sets at 185, 205, and 215# — my 1RM! While the last lift was challenging, at no point to I think/feel that I couldn’t complete the lift. Should I have attempted 120#? Hmmm….

While no scoring was completed today, I did calculate Jeff’s (235#) and my scores using the Sinclair coefficient.

Paul = 137.29
Jeff = 126.99

Jeff accused me of gloating. I promise you that I did not. He said, “You didn’t say a word but I could see it in your eyes.” Hmmm….

Rest exactly 10 minutes

Conditioning A
5-min AMRAP
1 dead-lift (255) + 2 barbell facing burpees + 10 double unders

Jay and I kept an eye on each other. I f@cked up quite a few double unders, but would always finish the round with 10 unbroken reps. At about the midway point Jay was beginning dead-lift when I was beginning double unders. Uhm, and then I caught him. Ha! When time was called and Jeff requested my score I said, “What Jay got.” Our score was 11+1.

That was exhausting — and fun!

Rest exactly 15 minutes

Conditioning B
5, 10, 15, 20…

Box jump overs (30)
Shoulder to overhead (95)
Abmat sit-ups
Wall ball shots (20)

12-min time cap

Begin by completing 5 reps of each activity, then 10, 15, 20 reps, etc., until time runs out. 

Wow, now I know why folks were bitching yesterday. Ha! The originally programmed weight was 85#, and Jay asked if he could increase to 95#. I said, “Sure!” And then I thought, “Shit, I’m going to have to lift ninety-five pounds as well. Dammit.” Before we began I said to Jay, “The shoulder to overhead is what’s going to be the hardest part for me.” He replied, “It’ll be the box jumps for me.”

We began neck and neck and remained equally matched up until about the 10-minute mark.

I completed the rounds of 5 and 10 in unbroken reps and the round of 15 in unbroken reps of everything but S20 (3 sets of 5 reps). I completed 20 box step overs and then 20 S2O in reps of 7, 5, 4, & 4. Shit got heavy. Twenty unbroken sit-ups and wall ball shots in reps of 10, 5, & 5. I knew that Jay wasn’t going to be able to catch me, as the only thing left to do in the remaining time was box jump overs. I completed 11 last box jump overs, and I was ecstatic when time was called.

Uhm, yeah, so completing 85 GHD sit-ups on Friday made for somewhat painful Abmat sit-ups today. Nonetheless, sit-ups were the easiest activity, followed by wall ball shots, S2O (surprisingly) and box jump overs.

Melinda commented that my sweat created a Batman logo on my shirt.

photo 2-15 photo 1-16

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