Chips don’t lie.

I first worked out with the 8:30 am athletes led by Coach Liz.  ‘Twas fun!

KB swings and sit-ups tabata (8 minutes)

Complete two, 4-minute tabatas, alternating KB swings and sit-ups.

I chose to complete 60# Russian KB swings and GHD sit-ups. I attempted to keep track of reps per round, but was sometimes unable to do so. I completed 10 reps of both KB swings and sit-ups the first 4 rounds, and then completed as many as 12 KB swings and 11 sit-ups during remaining rounds. I never, however, completed less than 10 reps of either activity.

Score = 175
True tabata score = 10 for both KB swings and GHD sit-ups

I was happy when the tabata was over. I estimate about 85 GHD sit-ups and about 90 KB swings. And in five minutes and 20 seconds.

I don’t gloat, and I don’t like when others do. I don’t say, “I beat you!” It appears, however, that many take pleasure on those few very rare occasions when they “beat” me. Yup, the term is in quotes, as only 4 others did the workout today completing GHD sit-ups. And they didn’t “beat” me.

Going on.


10 RFT

3 weighted pull-ups (35)
5 strict pull-ups
7 kipping  pull-ups

The box was hot and humid, and this made today’s conditioning particularly challenging this morning. I knew I wouldn’t be able to complete all rounds of weighted, strict, and/or kipping pull-ups unbroken, so I didn’t set an unrealistic goal of doing so. I did, however, hope to complete kipping pull-ups unbroken, but sweating hands preventing me from doing so. Read on. I set a time goal of 20 minutes.

I completed the first 2 rounds unbroken. One of the biggest challenges throughout the workout was putting the weight vest on and then taking it off. ‘Twas quite cumbersome. I often completed 3 or 2 weighted pull-ups unbroken, but during the final rounds I did have to complete quite a few single reps.

Strict pull-ups went well today. Starting with the 3rd or 4th round, I began to use mixed grip, and this helped significantly. I did have 1 failed attempt. Dammit.

I completed unbroken kipping pull-ups all but the 7th and last rounds. My hands slipped off of the bar — even with thumbs around the bar — the very last rep. Dammit, dammit, dammit.

Time = 19:41

I was close to not achieving my goal, and was pleased that I was able to do so.

That’s 150 pull-ups; 30 weighted, 50 strict, and 70 kipping. That’s a lot of f@cking pull-ups.

I attended the 4 pm session led by Coach Deborah. ‘Twas once again fun! I didn’t complete tabata, but did complete significantly modified conditioning.


10 RFT

3 handstand pushups
5 parallette pass throughs
7 hand release pushups

See what I did there? All pushups and no pull-ups. Gotta even things out, yo. Again, as I knew it was highly unlikely that I’d be able to complete all rounds of HSPUs unbroken, I didn’t set an unrealistic goal of doing so. I did, however, set a goal to complete pass throughs and HRPUs unbroken.

I was surprisingly able to complete through round 8 with unbroken reps of all pushups. I failed the 3rd rep of the 9th round of HSPUs, and for one brief, scary moment thought that I might not be able to complete another single HSPU. I rested a moment and was able to complete a successful rep. Whew! So as to not have another failed attempt, I completed the final round as 3 single reps of HSPUs, all successful.

I completed all rounds of pass throughs and HRPUs unbroken.

Uhm, about the parallette pass throughs, I mistakenly used the shorter paralletes, i.e., the activity was much more difficult than if I had used the taller pair. Each rep was really 2 pushups: push up, kick legs through to strict plank, tricep pushup, and then kick legs back through.

Time = 17:31

Uhm, I may not be able to lift my arms tomorrow.

That was a lot of f@cking pushups.



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