3 rounds for time of the following:
Run 400m
21 kettle bell swings (52 lb)
12 pull-ups

I last completed the benchmark WOD November of 2012 in a time of 8:48, my PR.

My goal was to complete all rounds of KB swings and 12 pull-ups unbroken. Yes, unbroken.

I worked out with the 8:30 athletes, led by Coach Liz.

I ran the first 400m in 80 seconds, quickly transitioned to KB swings, and completed as KB snatch and push press. I chalked my taped hands and completed 12 pull-ups. I glanced at the clock and the time read 2:47.

It was very hot and humid today. I was a sweaty mess. Running was laborious, perhaps because I ran two Tabatas with the endurance athletes last night. Nonetheless, I certainly didn’t feel slow, and I most certainly didn’t jog let alone walk. I ran the 2nd 400m, and as I was returning to the box many of the other athletes were beginning their second 400m run. I felt kinda like an ass, but that quickly subsided, you know, because of the pain I was experiencing. Twenty-one unbroken KB swings, and my forearms were “swolt.” I nonetheless completed 12 unbroken pull-ups, grunting loudly as I did so.

Another 400m run, another 21 KB swings, although this time I combined snatch and push press with plain old ‘Murican KB swings. I honestly doubted that I’d be able to complete 12 unbroken pull-ups. I mentally broke down into sets of three. When I had completed nine reps I knew I could make it. I did so, and finished in exactly 9 minutes. That’s an average of 3 minutes a round.

That. Was. Tough.

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