One Tough WOD

So tired!


Luke likes to remain close whilst I'm blogging -- lest Meg get all up in my business.
Luke likes to remain close whilst I blog — lest Meg get all up in my business.

‘Twas a very light day at CrossFit Surmount. I coached the 8:30 and 11 am sessions, and attended the 9:45 session led by Coach Liz.

As the title of the blog states, this was one tough WOD.

Cash in with 800m run or row
Back squat 50 x bodyweight

Front squat 40 x bodyweight
Power clean 30 x bodyweight
Power snatch 20 x bodyweight
50 box jumps (36)
30 burpee muscle ups
10 rope climbs

Cash out with 800m run or row

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 3.21.23 PM


I created a spreadsheet to determine reps based upon weight of lifts. Forty-three back squats, 37 front squats and power cleans, and 38 power snatches. Doable.

Although I called a 50-min mandatory time cap for some and an optional time cap for others, I set a goal to complete within an hour. I knew it was going to be difficult to do so. I also determined that I would complete a lift once I started. I had originally planned on completing BS, PC, FS, and then PS, but changed my mind along the way. I know not why.

I hadn’t completed burpee muscle ups or 36″ box jumps in quite some time, and I was anxious to do so today.

I began with an 800m row. Yup, I rowed instead of ran. Why, you ask? Because I wanted to stretch my shoulders and lats, as I’m still quite sore from “Lynne.” I kept pace below 2:00/500m and focused on form. The rowing was by far the easiest part of today’s workout.

The time went by very quickly, and I can’t honestly tell you the order in which I completed tasks, i.e, when I completed rope climbs, burpee muscle ups, and box jumps. I did complete BS first followed by FS, PC, and PS.

BS in reps of 5 until last 3, FS in reps of 5 but completed last 2 sets in reps of 4 & 3, PC in reps of 10 until last 7, and PS 1 at a time. I had completed 17 PS when Liz called the optional time cap of 50 minutes.

Of all the lifts, PC were the easiest. PS went well — I was just exhausted by that point of the workout.

I completed rope climbs in reps of 2, burpee muscle ups in reps of 5, and burpee box jumps in reps of 10. I had but one failed rep, that being a burpee muscle up, in that my left hand slipped off of the rings after the burpee and before the muscle up of the 25th rep. Dammit.

Surprisingly, 36″ box jumps were quite easy. I did grunt loudly when completing the latter reps. I also grunted loudly when completing BS, FS, and PC. And PS. Sometimes I just grunted loudly for the hell of it.

I finished with an 800m run, and called time at 58:08. I was drenched and exhausted. And feeling accomplished. And in need of a wheat beer.

Executing box jump.
Executing box jump.
Preparing for box jump.
Preparing for box jump.
I had taped hands, wrists, and left ankle.
I had taped hands, wrists, and left ankle.
Luke comforts me post-WOD.
Luke comforts me post-WOD.

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