Yet another wonderful Saturday at CrossFit Surmount!

Jeff and I were a little late arriving to the box. I was pleased that Coach Deborah had already arrived and let others in to warm up and begin preparing for today’s grueling workout.

I warmed up both sessions, and completed TGU and metcon with 8:30 am athletes. And Thom.

Turkish get-ups
EMOTM for 10 minutes
1 TGU/arm

I used the 15# barbell and completed 3 rounds @ 35#, 3 @ 40#, 2 @ 45#, 1 @ 50#, and 1 @ 55#. During the 6th or 7th round Coach Jeff noted that Melinda talked to her kettle bell, saying, “Come on, you can get this up.” I replied, “That’s what Thom says to his penis.” Haha! Thom then asked if I made the same grunting sounds when I sh!t as I do when I lift. He’s funny. Funny looking.

“Coach Jeff”
 4 RFT
Run 400m
5 overhead squats (95)
5 ring dips
5 wall crawls

47 burpees

Wow, this was tough! I took it easy on the running, as I knew the OHS and wall crawls were going to be exhausting. I was right. I ran the first 400m in a very slow 90 seconds, walked to the barbell, and cleaned and jerked it overhead. I then repositioned my hands and completed 5 unbroken OHS.

I easily completed 5 unbroken ring dips each round, and made it through 5 wall crawls rather easily each round as well, although I did often shake out my shoulder between crawls.

After running 2nd round of 4oom and returning to the box I thought, “Why as I cleaning and jerking the bar? I can easily snatch 95#, having snatched 115# for ‘Amanda’ during the masters open.” I snatched the bar before completing OHS for the 2nd and remaining 2 rounds.

My goal was to complete 47 unbroken burpees, and I knew I’d need to pace myself if I was going to achieve that goal. I positioned myself in front of the BAF, established my pace, and completed the burpees.

I love burpees.

Time = 17:00

Jeff was kind enough to lead cool down, and as he did so I set up the barbell to attempt TGU 1RM. I last attempted a 1RM on 12/16/13, successfully completing a rep/arm @ 58#. I completed TGUs @ 55, 60, and 65#! I attempted a 70# rep. Nope. Hard to to so when arms are shaking.

I led the Community WOD as Coach Liz led the first-ever CFK workout. CFK was a tremendous success!



We won.

Luke had a busy day!
Luke had a busy day!

I first worked out at 8:3o this morning, planning on joining a group for the Team WOD. Unfortunately, only 4 other athletes attended the session, so I completed my own version solo. But first, bench press!

Bench Press
20 reps @ 40% of 1RM
Rest 3 minutes
15 reps @ 45%
Rest 3 minutes
10 reps @ 50%

Reps @ 75, 85, & 95# felt great! I can’t wait to attempt a new 1RM.

The Team WOD as programmed…

24-min AMRAP
In Teams of 3 or 4
Partners take turns rowing 250m
Remaining partners rotate through and complete the following, with 1 partner working at a time; partners may complete no more than 1 rep at a time, i.e., partners truly take turns

— Wall ball shots
— Medicine ball slams
— Medicine ball Abmat sit-ups
— Medicine ball cleans
— Medicine ball burpees

What I did…

24-min AMRAP
Complete 25 reps of the following, rowing 250m before each activity:
— Wall ball shots (25#)
— Medicine ball slams
— Medicine ball Abmat sit-ups
— Medicine ball cleans
— Medicine ball burpees

Yup, a chose a 25# medicine ball. Gah! This was tough, and I was exhausted when all was said and done. I completed 2 full rounds and 250m row, wall ball shots, 250m row, medicine ball slams, and one last 250m row. I enjoyed the wall ball burpees the best.

3250 ROW
75 wall ball shots & slams and 50 sit-ups, cleans, and burpees

Sarah and me completing sit-ups as Lorraine rows.
Sarah and me completing sit-ups as Lorraine rows.

I attended the 4 pm session, and led the warm up for Coach Deborah. I didn’t join the group for the strength, but I hovered around hoping that I’d be able to join a team for the WOD. And then this happened…

I overheard Lorraine sadly say, “I’m never on the winning team.” I jokingly said, “Then it’ll be just the two of us today, Lorraine.” Ha! Sarah then chimed in, “I’m never on the winning team either.” I decided then and there that I would be on a team with the two of them.

And that we would win.

I didn’t, however, want to be accused of sandbagging, so I leveled the field somewhat. How so? I completed all activities except sit-ups with a 30# medicine ball. And that medicine ball felt like it weighed 300#.

The three of us worked very well together, and for the most part I didn’t act like an overly competitive dick. I did occasionally say, “Quick transition. Get on the rower.”

A few other things to note:

  • I think/feel that both Lorraine and Sarah worked exceptionally hard today. Lorraine, who typically struggles with wall ball shots, hit the target every time but one. That’s amazing!
  • During a round of sit-ups, Sarah hit me in my private parts whilst throwing the medicine ball to me. I said, and I quote, “You hit me in the balls with the ball.” Ouch.
  • I evidently was throwing the 14# medicine ball with too much force when completing sit-ups with Lorraine. She eventually said something, and I made adjustments; not, however, before she began throwing the ball more forcefully at me. At least she didn’t aim for my privates. Like Sarah.
  • I worked much harder during the team WOD then I did when I worked alone. Why? Because I felt much more accountable. I didn’t want to let Lorraine and/or Sarah down.

Score = 573 reps — 50 more than the first non-winning team. Or something like that.

Five hundred. And five.

photo-52Tuesday, May 13

I joined the 7 am athletes, as I was anxious to give complete the workout. ‘Twas fun!

25 reps @ 40% of 1RM
Rest 3 minutes
15 reps @ 45%
Rest 3 minutes
10 reps@ 50%

I completed reps @ 155, 165, & 185#. Fast and explosive! Taco Bell.

10-min AMRAP
Complete 3 barbell-facing burpees on the minute, beginning with start of the workout
— Odd-numbered minutes complete max reps lateral bar hops  | NOTE: each hop counts as a rep
— Even-numbered minutes complete max reps medicine ball Russian twists (20# 25#) | NOTE: each side counts as a rep
Score = total # of reps not including burpees

My goal was to complete 500 reps. Yup, 500 reps. I’m blazingly fast with lateral bar hops, so I challenged myself and used 25# medicine ball. Gah! Russian twists were difficult.

I didn’t keep track of reps per round. I do recall, however, that I had only completed 240 at the end of round 5. Dammit. I had to significantly pick up the pace during the last 5 rounds. I had competed 482 reps at the end of round 9. I quickly completed the required burpees and then completed 22 unbroken Russian twists. Yay, I achieved my goal! Boo, there was still time left on the clock. I completed an additional 15 reps for a total score of 515.

1RM weighted pushup

After warming up, I worked up to a 125# weighted pushup — a new PR by 10#! There was a 5-minute time cap and I ran out of time. Dammit.

I liked this metcon so much that I did it again, joining the 4 pm athletes. My goal was to exceed previous score of 515 reps. This time, however, I did not use a 25# medicine ball but instead used a mere 20#. I did, however, through in some double dutch lateral bar hops, changing direction every 5 to 10 reps. That slowed me down, but Russian twists went much faster. I completed 524 reps.

Wednesday, May 14

I joined the 4 pm athletes, including Stephen, Lorraine, and Susan Dilts Burpee Brown!

Muscle ups
EMOTM for 8 minutes

I completed 3 reps 6 of the rounds and 2 the remaining 2 rounds for a total of 22 muscle up. Uhm, I also demonstrated during many of the sessions throughout the day. All muscle up were completed with regular grip, i.e, full extension and no false grip.

I love muscle ups!

3-6-9-12-15-18 jumping back squats (95)
18-15-12-9-6-3 plyometric pushups

My goal was to complete in 5 minutes or fewer. I knew it was going to be tough to do so, and that I’d have to work steadily and very quickly. I also knew that it’d be a waste of time to look at the clock, so I made sure to not do so.

That may have been the most difficult part of the workout.

I completed the rounds of 3, 6, & 9 jumping BS unbroken, the round of 12 in reps of 6, 3, & 3, the round of 15 in reps of 5 and then doubles, and the last round in reps of 5, doubles, and one last single rep.

I completed rounds of 18, 15, and 12 plyometric pushups unbroken, and then began completing in as few as two reps at a time.

Uhm, ploymetric pushups were much more difficult than weighted back squats. I knew this was going to be the case.

Time = 4:47

That’s pretty f@cking fast. Just saying.

My forearms were swolt.

I love this picture of Luke! Look at his eyes.
I love this picture of Luke! Look at his eyes.

I’ve postponed de-load week by, you guessed, a week, so that we can all focus on proper form and execution, especially speed and explosiveness of lifts.

I coached the 6 am session and then attended the 7 am session led by Liz. (I then painted, painted, and painted.)

Clean & Jerk

15 reps @ 40% of 1RM
Rest exactly 2 minutes
10 reps @ 45% of 1RM
Rest exactly 2 minutes
5 reps @ 50% of 1RM

Reps @ 65, 75, & 85#. Shit began to feel heavy by the last set. I enjoyed this tremendously! I found myself returning my back, left foot before my front, right foot a couple of times. I may have said “Shit!” Okay, I did say “Shit!”

EMOTM for 5 minutes
Choose one (1) of the following options:

Up to 45-second vertical ring hold
Up to 45-second handstand hold
Up to 45-second headstand hold
Up to 45-second weighted plank hold

Rest 2 minutes

EMOTM for 5 minutes
7 fast American KB swings (52)

I chose vertical rings holds. Wow. That was challenging. I held first 2 rounds for 45 seconds, but during the third round I had convinced myself that I’d only be able to hold remaining 3 rounds for 30 seconds. So that’s what I did. For the third round. The additional 15 seconds of rest was much needed, and I was able to hold the fourth round for the entire 45 seconds. Well, okay then. I honestly didn’t think that I’d be able to hold the fifth and final round for 45 seconds, but I did. Total time = 3:30. Dammit. Julie had arrived and I showed her my swollen forearms. Yup, I said, “My forearms are swolt.” I’m funny like that.

I watched the almost 4 hour director’s cut of “Das Boot” (with subtitles). I never, ever, ever want to be in a submarine, regardless of the color.

I completed first 2 rounds of KB swings in 11 seconds, and last 3 rounds in 10 seconds for a total of 52 seconds. Yup, I completed as a snatch and press, yo. Snatchin’ and pressin’. Yo.

A mother of a workout

photo-51I’m feeling much, much better, although I’m certainly not yet my normal, energetic self.

I worked out with the 8:30 am athletes, and then coached at 9:45 and 11. ‘Twas a very difficult workout.

50 dead-lifts (115#)
50/leg walking lunges
40 back squats
40 toes to bar
30 power cleans
30 burpee box jumps (30/24)
20 thrusters
20 calorie row
100 double unders

My one and only goal was to finish in 30 or fewer minutes. That seems like a long time, but I knew this workout was going to be difficult. I also knew I would have to pace myself, and not pay attention to anyone else. I’m good at ignoring people. It’s one of my many strengths.

I could easily do 50 dead-lifts at a mere 115# unbroken. I chose not to. I completed in sets of 20, 15, & 15 reps. It was run finding space for walking lunges. (I saw quite a few folks executing less-than-proper form. Front knee above the ankle, back knees touches the floor, full extension, folks.) I rested briefly 2 or 3 times, but quickly finished lunges.

I completed both high bar and low bar back squats, and completed in reps of 15, 15, & 10. Toes to  bar went well, and I completed all but the very last rep in series of unbroken and kipping reps. I thought 115# power cleans were going to feel heavier than they actually felt. I completed in as many as 6 or 7 unbroken reps, although I did drop the bar after most reps. I thought burpee box jumps would be easier than they turned out to be. I started off feeling very winded, but eventually found my rhythm and finished the last 20 without stopping. I will admit, however, that I kept thinking about the upcoming thrusters, and I had to constantly remind myself to focus on box jumps so as to not fail at any attempts. Few things worse than a gashed leg.

Uhm, yeah, so 115# thrusters did indeed feel very heavy. I completed all 20 in sets of 2 reps; thus, I had to full squat clean the damn bar from the damn floor ten damn times. I don’t think I’ve been so happy as when I finished the 20th rep.

Rowing for calories, while a welcome relief, was no picnic. Once I got the rower started, I rowed 20 calories in 21 strokes. Twenty-one loud strokes.

I finished strong, completing doubles unders in reps of 60, 25, & 15. I did, however, feel like I was going to vomit between sets.

Time = 29:08

Yay, I achieved my goal with almost a minute to spare!

photo 3

For the first time in my life, it appears that I may be allergic to something. Grass pollen, perhaps? I know I’m not sick. No fever, I’m not tired, etc. I am, however, very congested, and my eyes itch. Gah!

I worked out with the  4 pm athletes. And it was grueling — but not as grueling as I thought it was going to be, particularly since I spent some of that time upside down.

In front of a clock set for 12 minutes:

1 minute of box jumps (30 33)
1 minute of sumo deadlift high-pulls (95 105)
2 minutes of box jumps
2 minutes of SDHPs
3 minutes of box jumps
3 minutes of SDHPs

Rest 2 minutes

In front of a clock set for 12 minutes:

1 minute of handstand pushups
1 minute of bent over rows (95 105)
2 minutes of HSPUs
2 minutes of bent over rows
3 minutes of HSPUs
3 minutes of bent over rows

I had planned on jumping 36″ and lifting 115. Given that I was concerned with the impact of allergies, I split the difference.

I missed the first box jump. Dammit. As I always do with box jumps greater than 30″, I placed plate on box so that my feet could land on box beside plate if needed.

Needed. Fortunately, I didn’t miss any more box jumps the first round. I completed 17 box jumps.

SDHPs felt heavy. I completed first round in reps of 10 and then, for the remainder of the workout, in reps of 5, for a total of a mere 14.

I only completed 20 box jumps the second round. Why so few? Because I missed 5 reps, including (yet again) the very first one! Notice that I did not count reps. I completed 22 SDHPs, not quite double the first round.

The last round of box jumps went much better. No failed reps! I completed 33 for a total of 69 reps. I completed 34 SDHPs for a total of 70 reps. Shit felt very, very heavy. Grand total = 139.

Rest for a mere two minutes.

I’ve done far too many HSPUs as of late. No failed reps today. I completed 11, 12, & 17 for a total of 40 reps. Not too shabby, I suppose.

I completed all rounds of bent over rows in reps of 5. ‘Twas difficult to do so. I completed 26, 40, & 61 for a total of 127. Grand total was, for those of you doing the math at home, 167 reps.

I took a Claritin. Let’s see if it helps.