The only person I’m competing with is myself.

And I’m winning. Ha!

Tuesday, May 20

I worked out with the 8:30 am group, led by Coach Deborah. Whaaaat? Yup, I worked out with the group to see how she’d handle a session on her own, and she did, as expected, a marvelous job!

5 reps @ 60, 65, and 70% of 1RM

Lifts at 225, 240, & 260#. Lifts felt good. Not great, but good. I’m not so certain I’ll be able to achieve a new 1RM next week.

Part A
8-min AMRAP

1, 2, 3… knees to elbows
Complete 2 forward rolls between rounds

Wow, talk about a dizzying workout! I completed unbroken, kipping knees to elbows through round 8, although I missed 2 reps, i.e., knees didn’t touch elbows, and re-did reps. For the remaining rounds, I was able to string together as many as 5 unbroken reps, but by the last round, after starting with 5 unbroken reps, I was doing singles.

Score = 13 rounds + 10 K2E

That’s 101 K2E, folks.

Rest 2 minutes

Part B
5-min AMRAP

Max rep KB swings (alternating Russian and American)

To challenge myself, I used a 60# KB. I completed sets in 10 reps. During one of the middle rounds, I couldn’t recall if I had completed 50 or 60 reps. You know what that means: I started the count at 50. I completed 85 or 95 reps. I put 85 reps on the whiteboard. Sh!t felt heavy.

I don’t cheat. I don’t inflate my scores. I don’t lie.

Rest 2 minutes

Part C

Sprint 800m

Jaclyn, one the the CFE athletes, attended the session. Unbeknownst to her, I had pre-determined that I would help her set her pace and then run her to the finish. I ran the first 150m and last 100m with her, providing direction and support. I also ran in the remaining runners. ‘Twas fun!

Wednesday, May 21

Rotate through the following 3 Tabatas 2 times; rest 2 minutes and 10 seconds between Tabatas

  1. Row for meters
  2. Bent over row (75)
  3. Hang power clean (75)

I coached 4 sessions back-to-back this morning, so I took an afternoon nap.

photo 2-5 photo 1-4Luke, Meg, and Zac joined me.

I attended the 5:15 session led by – you guessed it – Coach Deborah! Jeff also attended the session. As it was somewhat crowded, I positioned my barbell in the new space, and was the only one there when no one was rowing. That’s okay, as I grunt loudly. Have I mentioned that before?

I began with the row, and mistakenly didn’t go all out. I rowed the fewest meter, 86, my first 20-second row. For all remaining rows I rowed no less than 90 and no more than 94m. My score was thus 86. See how that works? The lowest score is the score. I don’t lie.

I completed exactly 15 unbroken bent over rows and exactly 9 unbroken hang power cleans each and every round. I probably should’ve completed more bent over rows, as I completed all rounds in between 8 and 11 seconds. That’s a lot of rest! I chose the right number of hang power cleans, as I finished the very last round with a mere 2 seconds left to spare.

‘Twas a very challenging workout, both physically and psychologically. I was pleased with my performance.

I don’t cheat. I don’t lie.

Oh, I almost forgot – Ms. Jennifer G. finally returned to the fold! I have missed her tremendously. I placed hearts around her name on the whiteboard and told her that I had a heart on for her. I heart on the whiteboard, but a heart on nonetheless.

photo-64Those ears!


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