We won.

Luke had a busy day!
Luke had a busy day!

I first worked out at 8:3o this morning, planning on joining a group for the Team WOD. Unfortunately, only 4 other athletes attended the session, so I completed my own version solo. But first, bench press!

Bench Press
20 reps @ 40% of 1RM
Rest 3 minutes
15 reps @ 45%
Rest 3 minutes
10 reps @ 50%

Reps @ 75, 85, & 95# felt great! I can’t wait to attempt a new 1RM.

The Team WOD as programmed…

24-min AMRAP
In Teams of 3 or 4
Partners take turns rowing 250m
Remaining partners rotate through and complete the following, with 1 partner working at a time; partners may complete no more than 1 rep at a time, i.e., partners truly take turns

— Wall ball shots
— Medicine ball slams
— Medicine ball Abmat sit-ups
— Medicine ball cleans
— Medicine ball burpees

What I did…

24-min AMRAP
Complete 25 reps of the following, rowing 250m before each activity:
— Wall ball shots (25#)
— Medicine ball slams
— Medicine ball Abmat sit-ups
— Medicine ball cleans
— Medicine ball burpees

Yup, a chose a 25# medicine ball. Gah! This was tough, and I was exhausted when all was said and done. I completed 2 full rounds and 250m row, wall ball shots, 250m row, medicine ball slams, and one last 250m row. I enjoyed the wall ball burpees the best.

3250 ROW
75 wall ball shots & slams and 50 sit-ups, cleans, and burpees

Sarah and me completing sit-ups as Lorraine rows.
Sarah and me completing sit-ups as Lorraine rows.

I attended the 4 pm session, and led the warm up for Coach Deborah. I didn’t join the group for the strength, but I hovered around hoping that I’d be able to join a team for the WOD. And then this happened…

I overheard Lorraine sadly say, “I’m never on the winning team.” I jokingly said, “Then it’ll be just the two of us today, Lorraine.” Ha! Sarah then chimed in, “I’m never on the winning team either.” I decided then and there that I would be on a team with the two of them.

And that we would win.

I didn’t, however, want to be accused of sandbagging, so I leveled the field somewhat. How so? I completed all activities except sit-ups with a 30# medicine ball. And that medicine ball felt like it weighed 300#.

The three of us worked very well together, and for the most part I didn’t act like an overly competitive dick. I did occasionally say, “Quick transition. Get on the rower.”

A few other things to note:

  • I think/feel that both Lorraine and Sarah worked exceptionally hard today. Lorraine, who typically struggles with wall ball shots, hit the target every time but one. That’s amazing!
  • During a round of sit-ups, Sarah hit me in my private parts whilst throwing the medicine ball to me. I said, and I quote, “You hit me in the balls with the ball.” Ouch.
  • I evidently was throwing the 14# medicine ball with too much force when completing sit-ups with Lorraine. She eventually said something, and I made adjustments; not, however, before she began throwing the ball more forcefully at me. At least she didn’t aim for my privates. Like Sarah.
  • I worked much harder during the team WOD then I did when I worked alone. Why? Because I felt much more accountable. I didn’t want to let Lorraine and/or Sarah down.

Score = 573 reps — 50 more than the first non-winning team. Or something like that.

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