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Tuesday, May 27

For a moment there I couldn’t even recall what time of day I worked out, but then it came to me: 9:30 am, and the session was led by Deborah. Athletes attempted dead-lift 1RM, but I knew that I wasn’t going to be doing so. “Murph” on Monday nearly did me in. I’m sore, sore, sore. I did, however, practice dead-lifts, working up to 335#.

7-min AMRAP
Lateral barbell burpee + 5 lateral barbell jump overs

Fast and furious, just the way I like it. My goal was to work continuously, and I did just that. I counted out loud (and not “aloud”) so as to accurately keep track of rounds. Yes, it’s easier for me to remember what round I’m on if I’ve just heard myself say the number out loud. All odd-numbered rounds started on, for me, the left side of the bar, and all even-numbered rounds — do I really need to finish this sentence? I didn’t think so.

Given the numbers that folks had posted earlier, I knew it was within my abilities to complete 5o rounds. I completed 63. Yup, 63. Seven minutes is 420 seconds; thus, I completed a round in an average of 6.66 seconds. Scary, isn’t it?

Wednesday, May 28

Wednesdays can be hellish, and today was no exception. I coached the 6, 8:30, and 9:30 sessions, and took Luke for a walk between the 6 and 8:30 classes. (Electrician was supposed to be at the box all morning and he’s afraid of dogs, so Luke spent the day at home. He was not at all happy about this.)

I coached the 4pm class for Liz who was covering for Chris. Whew. Liz coached the 5:15pm session, and it was a very full house!

Clean & jerk
Establish 1RM

I really wanted to establish a new 1RM, but Liz — justifiably so — said, “It’ll only count if me or Paul see your one rep max attempt.” (I didn’t correct her grammar. I’m just that nice.) I completed a few lifts at 95#, put plates on the bar to lift 125#, and didn’t get in a single lift.

And that’s okay.

I got to see many athletes achieve new 1RMs, and that’s an incredible experience in and of itself! As the title of this blog states, I’m a box owner first, coach second, and athlete last. I used to almost only ever work out on my own, but now that I’ve got such an awesome coaching staff in place I’ve gotten very accustomed to working out with others. I’m surprised that I now prefer working out with others. There, I said it.

I may, however, have to attempt a C&J 1RM on my own. Dammit.

5-min AMRAP
5 back squats (95)
30 double unders

I’ll begin by saying I lost count of rounds. I honestly have no idea how many I completed. I can unequivocally state that I had already begun my 4th round when the clock read that 3 minutes and 30 seconds remained; thus, I was averaging less than 30 seconds a round. I also completed all but the first and second to the last round of double unders unbroken. I transitioned very quickly from squats to double unders and double unders to squats. My heart rate was elevated, I was gasping for air, but I did not stop once. With 15 seconds left on the clock, I completed my last rounds of 30 double unders. Yup, unbroken, and with 3 seconds to spare.

So, nine rounds, ten rounds, or perhaps just eight rounds? I don’t know.

And I honestly don’t care.

It was a very good metcon.

I wore my Batman socks, but did remember to tuck in the capes before doing double unders.

I love this dog so very, very much!
I love this dog so very, very much!
It's unusual for Zac to want to spend time with me. He stayed by my side for almost 2 hours this afternoon.
It’s unusual for Zac to want to spend time with me. He stayed by my side for almost 2 hours this afternoon.
Batman! Notice the cape.
Batman! Notice the cape.



Burpees and a bear

photo-69I worked out at 8:30 this morning, and what a beautiful morning it was!

A Light “Bear” Complex
EMOTM for 15 minutes

— Power Clean
— Front Squat
— Push Press
— Back Squat
— Push Press

Begin by completing a power clean, ensuring that you stand to full extension. Once you do so, complete a front squat. Again, stand to full extension before completing push press (not push jerk). In other words, you may not complete a full squat clean and thruster instead of a power clean, front squat, and push press. Lower and rest the barbell on your back and complete a back squat. Push press (not push jerk) the bar from the back rack position, bring to shoulders, hips, and then floor to complete the rep.

Choose a manageable weight (coaches will provide additional guidance) and focus on fast, explosive lifts. Keep the bar in control at all times.

For an added challenge, complete burpees when not lifting. There, I said it.

I completed 2 rounds @ 95#, 5 @ 105, 7 @ 115, and last round @ 125#. Coach Jeff watched last round, and he thought I wasn’t going to be able to successfully push press from behind the neck. He of little faith. Did I go up on my toes? Yup.

I was up for the added challenge, so I completed burpees each round. I did, however, stop doing burpees 45 seconds after the minute for all but the last round. My goal was to complete a minimum of 100 reps, and I completed 112. ‘Twas exhausting. ‘Twas also very fun!

Partner WOD

8-min AMRAP
V-ups GHD sit-ups
8 Russian KB swings
8 lunges

Rest 1 minute

8-min AMRAP
24 double unders
8 hollow rocks
8 slam balls

I was the odd man out, so I completed solo. I substituted GHD sit-ups for V-ups and used a 60# KB and 30#  slam ball. My goal was to complete all rounds of all reps unbroken, and I almost managed to do so. Dammit. Damned double unders.

I completed 7 rounds of sit-ups, KB swings, and lunges, and 6 slam balls shy of  7 rounds of double unders, hollow rocks, and slam balls. I completed all but the very last round of double unders unbroken, missing the 21st rep. Dammit. Dammit, dammit, dammit.

I demonstrated hollow rocks for both sessions, and Jennifer G. may have copped a feel.

BIG crowd at Community Workout! I always appreciate members who encourage friends and family members to try CrossFit. It’s not nearly as frightening as many folks this it is. I promise.

Show Tunes!

photo-67I coached the 6 & 9:30 am WODs, took Luke for a long walk around Lake Pine (before it got too hot), and worked out with the 8:30 am athletes. I partnered with Dr. Anthony for bench press.

Bench press
5 reps @ 60, 65, and 70% of 1RM

Lifts @ 110, 120, & 130# felt great! I’m very anxious to attempt 1RM next week.

5 Turkish get ups/arm 

25 Abmat sit-up
25 Abmat back extensions
Run 200m

I had originally programmed 5 rounds, but last night dreamt that I had reduces the rounds to 4. So that’s what I did. Smart move on my part!

I have a difficult time working out and not coaching, so I set up my barbell and KB off to the side. And not near a fan. Dammit. I began with 45# barbell, and managed to complete 4/arm the first round. My mistake was attempting to complete 5 reps with right arm before moving to left arm; thus, I far too quickly experienced muscle failure. I finished the 5th rep on the right arm with a 44# KB and did the same with the left arm. I used the 44# KB for all of the remaining rounds. More about TGUs in a moment.

I completed all rounds of sit-ups and back extensions unbroken, and put the leash on Luke and let him run with me each round. By the last round, he was slowing me down. Did I mention that it’s hot and humid?

My time was significantly slower than most others, and for a couple of reasons: 1. the weight of the barbell/KB was comparatively heavier; and 2. I focused on proper form and execution from start to finish, particularly at finish. Uhm, what I’m trying to say is that I lowered to my knees, placed hand on floor, moved leg, placed elbow and then forearm on floor, and then used both hands to lower the barbel/KB. Uhm, I didn’t merely let the KB drop to the floor.

This workout was very challenging. What I most liked about it was that there was no option but to focus on form for TGUs, as one can only go so fast.

Time = 28:45

The only person I’m competing with is myself.

And I’m winning. Ha!

Tuesday, May 20

I worked out with the 8:30 am group, led by Coach Deborah. Whaaaat? Yup, I worked out with the group to see how she’d handle a session on her own, and she did, as expected, a marvelous job!

5 reps @ 60, 65, and 70% of 1RM

Lifts at 225, 240, & 260#. Lifts felt good. Not great, but good. I’m not so certain I’ll be able to achieve a new 1RM next week.

Part A
8-min AMRAP

1, 2, 3… knees to elbows
Complete 2 forward rolls between rounds

Wow, talk about a dizzying workout! I completed unbroken, kipping knees to elbows through round 8, although I missed 2 reps, i.e., knees didn’t touch elbows, and re-did reps. For the remaining rounds, I was able to string together as many as 5 unbroken reps, but by the last round, after starting with 5 unbroken reps, I was doing singles.

Score = 13 rounds + 10 K2E

That’s 101 K2E, folks.

Rest 2 minutes

Part B
5-min AMRAP

Max rep KB swings (alternating Russian and American)

To challenge myself, I used a 60# KB. I completed sets in 10 reps. During one of the middle rounds, I couldn’t recall if I had completed 50 or 60 reps. You know what that means: I started the count at 50. I completed 85 or 95 reps. I put 85 reps on the whiteboard. Sh!t felt heavy.

I don’t cheat. I don’t inflate my scores. I don’t lie.

Rest 2 minutes

Part C

Sprint 800m

Jaclyn, one the the CFE athletes, attended the session. Unbeknownst to her, I had pre-determined that I would help her set her pace and then run her to the finish. I ran the first 150m and last 100m with her, providing direction and support. I also ran in the remaining runners. ‘Twas fun!

Wednesday, May 21

Rotate through the following 3 Tabatas 2 times; rest 2 minutes and 10 seconds between Tabatas

  1. Row for meters
  2. Bent over row (75)
  3. Hang power clean (75)

I coached 4 sessions back-to-back this morning, so I took an afternoon nap.

photo 2-5 photo 1-4Luke, Meg, and Zac joined me.

I attended the 5:15 session led by – you guessed it – Coach Deborah! Jeff also attended the session. As it was somewhat crowded, I positioned my barbell in the new space, and was the only one there when no one was rowing. That’s okay, as I grunt loudly. Have I mentioned that before?

I began with the row, and mistakenly didn’t go all out. I rowed the fewest meter, 86, my first 20-second row. For all remaining rows I rowed no less than 90 and no more than 94m. My score was thus 86. See how that works? The lowest score is the score. I don’t lie.

I completed exactly 15 unbroken bent over rows and exactly 9 unbroken hang power cleans each and every round. I probably should’ve completed more bent over rows, as I completed all rounds in between 8 and 11 seconds. That’s a lot of rest! I chose the right number of hang power cleans, as I finished the very last round with a mere 2 seconds left to spare.

‘Twas a very challenging workout, both physically and psychologically. I was pleased with my performance.

I don’t cheat. I don’t lie.

Oh, I almost forgot – Ms. Jennifer G. finally returned to the fold! I have missed her tremendously. I placed hearts around her name on the whiteboard and told her that I had a heart on for her. I heart on the whiteboard, but a heart on nonetheless.

photo-64Those ears!



What a beautiful day! I coached the 6 am session, and then Luke and I went for a walk around Lake Pine. As I always have my iPhone with me, I took this awesome picture of Luke.



I worked out with the 8:30 athletes, and it was much fun.

Clean & Jerk
5 reps @ 60, 65, and 70% of 1RM

Reps @ 100, 105, & 115#. The last few reps of the last set began to feel heavy.

101 shoulder to overhead (45)
101 box jump overs (24 30)

Folks were allowed to complete anyway they liked, e.g., in sets, with box steps, presses, push presses, push jerks, etc. I’m always up for a challenge, so I completed all 101 S2O before moving to box jump overs. While I can’t recall the exact amount, I do recall beginning with 25 or strict presses. I completed remaining reps by doing press, push presses, and push jerks. The weight felt light at the start, so much so that I thought I had mistakenly grabbed a 33# bar. The weight felt heavy by the time I did the last set of 15 or so reps. I glanced at the clock and more than three and a half minutes had passed.

I completed 30″ twisting box jump overs. Wow, that was tough. As can be expected, I grunted loudly, as I was breathing heavily. I was one of the last to finish!

I finished the day by traversing the 70′ pull-up rig without my feet touching the ground. I got tangled up in a one of the straps of a ring, and Liz was kind enough to untangle me. I felt like a trapped and released animal!

American ninja, yo.





photo-57I took Luke for a long walk this morning, and arrived at the box shortly after 8. I worked out with the 8:30 am athletes, and what a workout it was!

EMOTM for 5 minutes complete 5 reps @ 75% of 1RM (if applicable) of each of the activities; rest 5 minutes between activities

Front squats (160#)
Sumo dead-lifts (280#)
Strict dead-hang pull-ups
Strict presses (100#)


5-min AMRAP
Double unders

I chose the rack to the far left, and Emily was to my immediate right. I feel sorry for anyone who has to work out beside me, and I breathe very loudly. Uhm, as one should.

As I mentioned in the blog, the lifts were meant to feel heavy. The SDL felt the heaviest, followed by the FS and presses. Huh? I thought the presses were going to be the most difficult, but presses 100# felt quite easy. That’s not to say that the last couple of reps weren’t a struggle, but, unlike quite a few folks, I completed all reps. Of FS, SDL, and strict pull-ups as well.

Dead-hang pull-ups went well. Once again, the last few reps were a struggle — but were manageable. Yay!

This was one of my favorite Sunday challenges, as the 5-minute rest was just the right amount. Could I have rested for a shorter period of time and still completed reps? Quite likely. Having 5 minutes to rest allowed for just the right amount of recovery but not so much time that I cooled down. Does that make sense? Make sense to me.

I set a goal to complete a minimum of 300 double unders. I rested when needed, and completed as many as 40 unbroken. I had completed 300 with 15 seconds remaining, and was pleased that I was able to complete 20 more reps. Yup, that makes a total of 320.

I coached the 9:45 and 11 am sessions, Jeff and I went to lunch with Brenda and Larry, I cleaned the box (including mopping 6K sq ft of floors), and then took Luke for another long walk around Lake Pine. What an exhausting day!