Happy Anniversary, baby, I’ve got me on my mind!

Today was 1-year anniversary celebration of CrossFit Surmount. But first, a little about yesterday’s WOD.

I joined the 7am athletes, and it was great fun!

10 RFT

30 double unders
1-min plank hold

I completed rounds of strict plank, strict right, and strict left planks. In other words, I held all planks for 1 minute at a time.

My goal was to complete all planks unbroken, i.e., without having to accumulate time. I completed 7 rounds of 30 unbroken double unders and all planks unbroken in a time of 14:50. That’s an average of 28 seconds for 30 double unders, not including transition time.

I had a very difficult time sleeping last night, as I had somewhat severe pain in my abdomen. I feared that I might have come down with the stomach bug that’s going around, but everything stayed down. I wasn’t able to fall asleep until after 3 am. I felt fine this morning, although I was somewhat tired.

Jeff kindly coached the 8:30 am session, and it was a full house!


EMOTM for 30 minutes

6 C2B pull-ups
12 weighted air squats (45/35)


5 pull-ups
10 pushups
15 air squats


5 pull-ups or jumping pull-ups
7 pushups
12 air squats

I’ve completed the benchmark “Chelsea” (Option B) a number of times, so I was looking forward to the challenge of Option A.

And what a challenge the workout was. Wow. Just, wow. I set a goal to complete all 30 rounds but was only able to complete 25. I also set a goal to complete all rounds of reps unbroken, and I kinda did so. Read on.

1 – 43
2 – 44
3 – 43
4 – 42
5 – 45
6 – 45
7 – 46
8 – 48
9 – Rest
10 – 40
11 – 41
12 – 45
13 – 46
14 – 50
15 – Rest
16 – 42
17 – 45
18 – 54
19 – Rest
20 – 42
21 – 45
22 – 45
23 – 56
24 – Rest
25 – 39
26 – 44
27  – 49
28 – Rest
29 – 39
30 – 40

It was dizzying to be upside-down for HSPUs and then to quickly transition to C2B pull-ups. Round 23 was my slowest because I couldn’t make myself go upside down when the minute began. Once I was able to will myself to do so, I did complete 3 unbroken HSPUs, so there’s that.

Uhm, after completing the 23rd round and while resting, I took off my shirt. Yup, I did that. I haven’t felt compelled to do so in quite some time, but I was truly feeling lightheaded and very, very hot. I looked very, very hot once the shirt came off. Ha!

Weighted air squats were the most challenging of the 3 activities, and that kinda surprised me. I really, really, really, often wanted to rest and shake out my legs when completed the 12 reps.

My accumulated time was 18:40. Not bad for 25 rounds, I suppose.

75 HSPUs
90 C2B pull-ups
180 weighted air squats

The 1-year anniversary celebration was a tremendous success!



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