Hero WOD “Jack” and pistols


Although I haven’t been including in posts, I have indeed been somewhat working out, i.e., running, with the endurance athletes. We ran for well over an hour yesterday, with more than half of that time spent completing farlek runs.

Uhm, Thom decided to race me right out of the gate. That was funny! I continue to be impressed by all of the endurance athletes, as all continue to show improvement with form and endurance.

This morning I joined the 7am athletes for warm up, as I intended to complete today’s WOD with them. I just wasn’t feeling it, however, so I took Luke for a nice, long walk on the America Tobacco Trail while the weather was cool. I love that dog!

I persuaded Jeff to coach the 5:15pm session, not including the warm up and cool down, so that I could complete “Jack” with others. Uhm, I don’t much care for doing hero or benchmark WODs alone.

We began with pistols.

EMOTM for 10 minutes
3 to 5/leg pistols

I completed 3/leg, sometimes strict, other times holding my toes. I. Hate. Pistols. On a positive note, Jeff said my form was good.

Hero WOD “Jack
20-min AMRAP
1o push-press (115)
10 KB swings (52)
10 box jumps (24)

I last completed the hero WOD “Jack” on 10/12/12 and either completed 6 or 7 rounds + 3 push presses. I did significantly better today. My goals were to complete KB swings unbroken with snatch and press, and to also complete unbroken, bounding box jumps. I accomplished both of these goals.

I hadn’t looked up previous score. Anthony, however, had read blog and mentioned that I had completed 7 rounds. I set an additional goal to complete 8 rounds.

KB swings and box jumps went very well, and I achieved goals. Push presses went okay. I didn’t have any failed reps, but that shit began to feel heavy very, very fast. I completed the first round unbroken, and that was it. I completed most remaining rounds in reps of 4, 3, & 3. Uhm, I completed the last round in reps of 3, 3, 2, & 2. Did I mention that that shit felt heavy? I was push pressing 80% of bodyweight ovah mah head.

I completed 8 rounds + 2 push presses. I’m very pleased with my performance. I’ve certainly gotten stronger! I can’t get any better looking. True story.

My good friend Jay completed the WOD with the 5:15 session. I had an opportunity to watch him repeatedly and easily push press 10 unbroken reps. (Jay, you did, however, struggle with box jumps, yo.) Jay led from the start, and almost lapped me.

Jeff completed the workout with the 6:30 athletes, and completed exactly 8 rounds.

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