Solo and Partner

I usually work out with the 11:45 am crew, but as Coach Emily is sick with the flu, I led that session. I instead worked out with both the 4 and 5:15 pm crews, both led by Coach Liz.

Tabata Partner WOD
In teams of 2 or 3, with partners rotating through the activities/reps in the same order, complete the following Tabatas, resting 1:10 between Tabatas.

Station A: Toes to bar or toes through rings
Station B: Slam balls (30 or 25/20 or 15)
Station C: Sledge hammer swings (10/8)
Station D: Power cleans (95/63)
Station E: GHD or Abmat sit-ups
Station F: Floor presses (95/63) 

Score = sum total of reps

I worked out solo at 4, and completed 2-min Tabatas with minute rest between. It was challenging enough.

T2B: 40 (sets of 10 reps)
Slam balls: 47
Sledge Hammer: 58 (alternating arms)
Power cleans: 48 (sets of 7 reps)
GHD sit-ups: 42
Floor press: 50

Ending with floor press was grueling, and the weight felt exponentially heavier each and every round. I was most pleased with toes to bar, as I haven’t completed in quite some time yet the technique was good and the movement felt natural.

As Jeff needed a partner, he and I worked out together during the 5:15 pm session, and I haven’t had this much fun in a very long time!

Partner dead-lifts

Jeff and I demonstrated proper form. I made funny faces.

We then completed Tabata as described above, beginning with slam balls.

We kept a running count of reps.

Slam balls: 103
Sledge Hammer: 129
Power cleans: 69 (hee hee)
GHD sit-ups: 85
Floor press: 107
T2B: 71

Uhm, yeah, so I usually completed more reps of everything, and that should be the case as I coach this sh!t. I think, though, that Jeff may have completed more power cleans. I do know for that I completed more reps of every activity than I did when I completed solo.

Uhm, so I suppose my concern with pacing is unfounded.

1900180_10152033408487196_523438273_n 10150549_10152033455502196_544905345_n

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