Thank god I’m a country boy.

I was too tired to blog last night. Am I forgiven? Wait, I offered no apology.

It’s difficult to blog at this moment, as Meg is kneading my chest. Bad, kitty, you’re a bad kitty! But I sure do love her.

Yesterday I worked out with the 4 pm athletes led by Coach Liz. (Nice job, Liz!)

EMOTM for 10 minutes
3 power clean & jerks

I worked up to a set at 135#. Slow first pull, yo. What a difference! I’m truly enjoying the Olympic lifts. Yo.

8-min AMRAP
Odd-numbered minutes
Sumo dead-lift high pulls (100)
Even-numbered minutes
Hollow rocks

Rest 2 minutes

8-min AMRAP

Odd-numbered minutes
Bent over rows (100)
Even-numbered minutes
Lateral bar hops 

Wow, this was tough. I had no set goals. Imagine that.

SDHPs: 20+16+16+15=66
Hollow rocks: 33+33+33+34=133
Bent over rows: 40+27+27+28=122
Lateral bar hops: 76+77+68+67=288

For both SDHPs and bent over rows, I completed quite a few more reps the first round than I was able to complete on subsequent rounds. The same could be said for lateral bar hops, although reps didn’t decrease as dramatically. I was most pleased with consistency of hollow rocks.

I joined Coach Emily and the 11:45 am crew for today’s workout.

10006990_639328482799143_320345207_nTeam WOD

35-minute AMRAP
Teams of 3, 4, or 5
Complete the following activities:
10 tire flips
200 (100/arm) sledgehammer swings
100 jumping jacks
100 Abmat sit-ups

Only 1 partner may work at a time, including flipping tire. Partners must take turns in the same order, may only complete 1 tire flip at a time, and may complete up to 5 reps of any other activity at a time. 

Bonnie and Kelly-May volunteered to be on my team. Thanks, you two! Effective communication was the key to completing this workout successfully.

Score = 5 rounds + 7 tire flips

We flipped the heaviest of the 3 tires. Both Bonnie and I completed alternating arm sledgehammer swings, and we were both able to complete 10 swings very quickly. Why, you ask? Because we both have experience chopping and splitting wood.

To Emily, Susan, and Alexus, I offer my apologies for (possibly) counting out loud too loudly.


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