‘Twas so nice…

…I did it twice.

Sessions were cancelled this morning, as the roads were an icy mess. I coached the 11:45 am session and worked out at both the 4 and 5:15 pm sessions. Why? Uhm, why not?


EMOTM for 5 minutes
Up to 30 second continuous L-sit

I completed rounds on rings (1, 2, & 4) and bar, and held all L-sits for 30 seconds, although the first was the only strict round.

16-min AMRAP
5 forward rolls
10’ sprint
10 medicine ball cleans
90-second accumulated plank hold
10’ sprint 

I used a 30# wall ball the first session and a 25# wall ball the second session. My goal was to complete all rounds of rolls and medicine ball cleans unbroken and to hold the 90-second plank unbroken as well, i.e., without resting. Done, done, and done.

I was a plank hold (although I did hold for a mere 3 seconds) shy of 8 rounds the first session and 55 seconds shy of 8 rounds the second session.

80 forward rolls
160 medicine ball cleans (80 @ 30# & 25#)
22:38 of plank hold

I coached the first ever session of CFE at CrossFit Surmount this evening, and had a wonderful time doing so! I had forgotten how much I missed coaching running. I ran a 100m interval with each of the athletes, so I also got to run. Yup, I love running. Have I mentioned that before?

CFE runs through mid-May. I’d also like to offer the Barbell Club again. Whew. I need coaches. Let me know if you’re interested!

Oh, I have very high execrations.

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