Post-WOD pic taken by Coach Emily
Post-WOD pic taken by Coach Emily

Our flight departing State College, PA was delayed; thus we were put on a later flight from Philly to RDU. We didn’t get home until well after midnight. Oh, and that Daylight Saving Time. Yeah, that.

I coached from 6 to 10:30, took a 1-minute cat nap (with the cats), and attended the 11:45 session led by Coach Emily. I enjoy attending sessions led by Emily, and I enjoy working out with Surmounties!

5 X 5

I completed sets @ 95, 105, & 115#. I paused to judge Stephen as he successfully completed 14.2. I then completed a set @ 125#. While I was only able rest the time it took me to add plates to the bar, I didn’t successfully complete a final set @ 130#. I should’ve gone heavier. Dammit.


Cash in
Run 1K

Back squats (95)

Cash out
100 double unders 

My goals were to run 1K in less than 4 minutes and to complete squats and pull-ups unbroken. I’ve completed a shitload of pull-ups in the recent past. Yup, I said it: a shitload.

I ran 1K in 3:50 and completed rounds of back squats and pull-ups unbroken.

Double unders almost fell apart. I completed 35 unbroken, and then kinda sorta lost. I did about 5 reps missing the 2nd attempt. I then thought, “Start with singles and then do doubles.” And that did the trick. Uhm, could it be that my shoulders were sore? Perhaps.

Time = 11:36

That’s 54 back squats and pull-ups. That’s a shitload.

I’m craving pickled beets and eggs.



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